Choroo Rhyny doo

Choroo Rhyny doo

 Choroo  Rhyny  doo,  Abh  Bhala  Kaun  Daiky  Khab’h

Abh  Kaha’n  kse  kae  Khab’h  Sharminda-e-Tabeer  hoe

Iss   Sheray  Jana’h   mae   Sab  Basafa  Mitt  gae

Bae  Wajha,  Baekarr,  Waqt  ka  Zia’n….. Choroo Rhyny doo

Ah’nee  Kalae’jo’n  mae,  Teer  abh  bhi   Paiwas’ta

Neem  Barhaina  Jism  Hajat’ae  Pairahan  sae  Raiza,  Raiza

Path’rae  hoe  Ankhoo  sae  abh  Bhala  Kaun  Daikhy  Khab’h

Choroo Rhyny doo,  Abh Bhala Kaun Daiky Khab’h

Mauh tasabo’n ke  Khilwat  mae  Kar’rae  Jaha’n  Daraz hain

Zard  Ahoo’n  sae  Shikas’ta  Purza … Purza

 Bae  Nisha’n  Cheray  Kab  kse  ko  Yadh  hain

Haq  ka  Sood’h  hai  kae  Charh’ta  he  Chala  Jata  hai

Phir  bhi  Hamnawa,  Haqdar  ke,  Khalee  he  rahi  Oakh,

HaqNa-Haq,  ho  Chala — Phir  bhala koi– kia  daikhy  Khab’h

Choroo Rhyny Doo————-





A Piece From My Novel

A Piece From My Novel

It had been some Prolonged Period, since Laila was experiencing Abrupt Hot Flashes, and an Uncharacteristic Tempo of Heart Beats, throughout these Assaults, she felt a Brilliant Brand of heat rousing her Entirety with a sense that was Weird, yet Wonderful, urging Urgently, to be Unconfined. However, Laila  was Inordinately an Inexpert to realize that such Corporeal Faculties remain Untreated Autonomously. Her Mandatory Cravings, and Aspirations were concealed, because of her Lamentable Stipulations. Laila’s self analysis flowed throughout her Existence, and she convinced herself that her Handicaps were the Focal Tragedies, and the Utmost Mishap amid her Privileged Circumstances and Providence. She often Contemplated, if she was hardly few inches Taller and without her Limp, she could have lived a much Recovered Life. How Desperately she Anticipated Intervention by  the Divine,  especially at times when she felt Utterly Despondent,  and Craved for Indulgence. At the Prime of her Youth Laila was as good as Dead, but sometimes a Spark of life use to Ignite her Innermost.  And then once again she would  Embark on Dreaming to Live,  even for a Short While, but all her Reveries were regularly Interrupted by those, on whom she was all ContingentLaila’s Parents for the reason of Abundance of Children , and Scarcity of Sustenance left her under the Guardian Ship of Mrs. Jamal, at a very Tender Age, and since then never Considered even Once to Discover  if she was Dead, or Alive. Laila was Brought Up and Nurtured by the Benevolence, and Tact’s of Nature, but found her in no Circumstances to be in Charge of her Destiny. She had to Comply,  and Abide by the Regulations determined by Mrs. Jamal, a Lady most Fortunate, to Exercise without Impediments her Whims and Views.

However, the feeling of being Abandoned was Deeply Rooted in Laila’s Existence, and  she was aware of her Miseries  but then  she Pretended as if she wasn’t Competent enough,  to either Texture, or Enunciate the Abuse.  She rested simply being Oblivious,  as to How,  and Why to Protest, and remained Stable with the Notion that those who are Less Fortunate have not much Preferences, and its Perfectly Patent that those who are Accepted,  and Expected reserves the right to Undermine her,  and her Types,  while they can Indulge in Luxuries and Delights that Life has to Offer. Laila had not much either to Recall from her Childhood’s Plaintive Memories, as when she was Discarded Ruthlessly by her Own Roots, she was so Very Young.  Nevertheless, few Agonizing and Lamentable cries of her Mother,  Resonated throughout her Life… “God, send help… My children are hungry” The Mingled Poignant and absolutely Agonizing Echo’s from the Web of her Everlasting thoughts,  never found a Passage to Escape… “Kill them, kill them… Death is better”.  Whenever these Thoughts occurred she Fought Valiantly to erect some Barrier, to Prevent her Soul from Erosion, but each time she Failed…. “Go! Go sell me…nothing is left.”.  The Excruciating Pain of Distressing feelings Pricked and Haunted her at Odd Occasions, and was  such a Vexation to her already Ripped, and Ruptured  Spirit. The Placement of Laila’s Quizzical Continuation  was certainly Due,  in the Larger Frame of Nature’s Scheme, which remained Obscure. At many Occasions her Head Tilted backwards to look up the Sky with a Query,  Mounting from the Fathomless Depths of  her heart, to the Heights of the  Heavens, in order, to  Investigate the Inscrutabilities and Enigma of Life, specifically her Individual Life, but to no Avail.  All her Queries Lingered Unrequited,  and her Assignment was left beyond Diagnosis. Her Incarnation was like an Inconsequential, and a Trivial Incident , whose Justification perhaps, was to Surrogate the Purposeful Inaptness in the Mighty Stratagem of the Universe. Laila  remained Unpolluted by the Exposure of Academics,  yet, had a Remarkable Aptitude to Fathom what Nature taught her Unceremoniously, Prompting Wisdom…… Nature Constantly Compensates.