The Unfamiliar Habitats of the East

The Unfamiliar Habitats of the East

We the unfamiliar habitats of the East have certainly permitted ourselves whole heartedly to be misguided, and perplexed to such an extent, that now the compelling words such as values, morals, ethics, social integrity, communal rights, rules and regulations linger only as catch phrases. The supremacy, and Intensity of the above mentioned words are no more comprehended, or textured by the majority; as a matter of fact they are futile, and worthless. Self respect, integrity moreover the cultural and historical heritage, and above all our obligation under the teachings of Islam have deteriorated and thus have twisted our identity, and characters shallow. We can be well categorized as the magnum performers in the art of antagonizing, provoking and moreover degrading our own people by criticizing and displaying repugnant, and repulsive attitudes on International level. The stunning and unadulterated successes once achieved by our forefathers are no more than fairy tales.

The tarnishing parameter of pretense, and the double standards are surging with intensity. The sense of criterion remains no more. When the youth of any nation feels ashamed as they cannot speak a foreign language and at the same time feel extremely elevated by adopting the cultural values other than their own, that is the time the debacle of the nations trigger. It is a petty affair for any to brain wash our youth, only for the reason that they allow them to do so. A deliberate rejection, and refusal to face reality, and live a practical life has become an ordinary and nonchalant attitude. Material goods are worth more than maternal values. Self destruction is obviously in vogue. At such an unpromising, and bleak scenario that is there, who will beacon, and bring them back on a straight path??..Nobody! Yes of course nobody!  

Alas— We the unfamiliar habitats of the East.



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