The Black Plaque (The Horrific Historic Event)

The Black Plaque

(The Horrific Historic Event)

One of the most Horrific Historic events that send chills even now was the Black Plaque. In 1347, when the Black Plague was raging through Europe, people were so immensely horrified that they were all prepared to find any possible remedy to secure themselves from the deadly disease that had already spread throughout Europe, and had killed thousands, yet, no probable cure was available. At such a time of distress when all medicinal treatments and other efforts failed, then people were much inclined towards superstations. People at large believed that it was an atrocious, and an appalling curse that afflicted them, because of their previous heedless acts, and the unforgivable sins. This notion was deeply and dreadfully rooted in the souls, and spirits of each being.

The citizen’s of Lubeck, Germany to appease the wrath of God descended on the Churches, and Monasteries with enormous amount of money, and riches. The Monks and Priests who were inside these monasteries were equally fearful of contamination, and therefore, rejected all the riches that were coming their way. They barred the gates of the monasteries and would not let the citizens to enter, however the persistent crowd kept throwing inside the walls of monasteries and churches the valuables in form of coins, gold, and precious gems and jewels. Since the monks and the priests were extremely frightened and terrified they refused to accept the valuables anticipating much dire consequences, and threw them back over the walls, this back-and-forth tossing continued for several hours and therefore, the clerics finely had to give up and allowed the valuables to remain inside the boundaries of the monasteries.

 Within few hours the riches piled up into 3 to 4 feet tall it is also a wide accepted notion that the riches remained untouched not only for several months, but for years. The fear of not touching the riches is a testament to the power of self preservation over greed, and self indulgence. The Black Plague left such an intense trauma on people in the following years that numerous anti-plagued remedies were prescribed and practiced throughout Europe in the fourteenth century.

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