SULEIMAN 1 The MAGNIFICIENT (Establisher of Law )

SULEIMAN 1 the Magnificent Establisher of Law

The Magnificent Sultan SULEIMAN 1 of the Ottoman Empire, also known as the Kanuni, meaning the Establisher of Law, SULEIMAN 1 the Magnificent was born in the year 1494 AD. He was the only son of Sultan Selim 1, and great many ventures are recorded on his merit, he was a Great Conqueror as well. Suleiman 1, served as the Governor of Kaffa in the Crimea, and also at the Manisa before his entitlement as the Kanuni , in September, 1520, AD. After having conquered Belgrade in 1521 and, later Rhodes in 1522 he then defeated in 1526 the Hungarians at Mohacs. Subsequently, Suleiman incorporated the South Central portion of Hungry into his Splendid Empire. In addition to European Wars and Expeditions Suleiman waged three Campaigns’s against Persia, and thus Suleiman 1 subjugated the regions of Erzurum in Eastern Asia Minor , and then moved further and captured areas in Iraq, these incidents occurred between the years 1534 to 1535 AD. Suleiman 1 also occupied much of the surrounding locale around Lake Van by the end of 1549.

Among the major of Suleiman ‘s achievements the most noteworthy was the structure that was built under his personal vigilance of the Naval Strength for the Ottoman’s that later served as one of the Dominant Power in the Mediterranean Sea. Suleiman 1 the Magnificent, after his Golden Accomplishments proceeded further, and conquered Tripoli in North Africa in 1551, he strictly encouraged the efforts to adjust and make amendments in the complex structure of the Ottoman State, to its new circumstances, and for this particular reason was honored the Title of Kanuni (Establisher of Law) Suleiman1 the Magnificent not only under took Bold, and Courageous Military Campaign’s that enlarged his Superb Realm, but perpetually remained focused towards the development of what came later that is regarded as the most Characteristic achievements by Ottoman Civilization, specifically in the Pitch, and Fields of Law, Art, Literature, and Architecture. The Great and Nobel Conqueror and Establisher of Law and Justice Suleiman 1 the Magnificent, finally departed in 1566, near Szigetvar, Hungry.



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