SULEIMAN 1 The MAGNIFICIENT (Establisher of Law )

SULEIMAN 1 the Magnificent Establisher of Law

The Magnificent Sultan SULEIMAN 1 of the Ottoman Empire, also known as the Kanuni, meaning the Establisher of Law, SULEIMAN 1 the Magnificent was born in the year 1494 AD. He was the only son of Sultan Selim 1, and great many ventures are recorded on his merit, he was a Great Conqueror as well. Suleiman 1, served as the Governor of Kaffa in the Crimea, and also at the Manisa before his entitlement as the Kanuni , in September, 1520, AD. After having conquered Belgrade in 1521 and, later Rhodes in 1522 he then defeated in 1526 the Hungarians at Mohacs. Subsequently, Suleiman incorporated the South Central portion of Hungry into his Splendid Empire. In addition to European Wars and Expeditions Suleiman waged three Campaigns’s against Persia, and thus Suleiman 1 subjugated the regions of Erzurum in Eastern Asia Minor , and then moved further and captured areas in Iraq, these incidents occurred between the years 1534 to 1535 AD. Suleiman 1 also occupied much of the surrounding locale around Lake Van by the end of 1549.

Among the major of Suleiman ‘s achievements the most noteworthy was the structure that was built under his personal vigilance of the Naval Strength for the Ottoman’s that later served as one of the Dominant Power in the Mediterranean Sea. Suleiman 1 the Magnificent, after his Golden Accomplishments proceeded further, and conquered Tripoli in North Africa in 1551, he strictly encouraged the efforts to adjust and make amendments in the complex structure of the Ottoman State, to its new circumstances, and for this particular reason was honored the Title of Kanuni (Establisher of Law) Suleiman1 the Magnificent not only under took Bold, and Courageous Military Campaign’s that enlarged his Superb Realm, but perpetually remained focused towards the development of what came later that is regarded as the most Characteristic achievements by Ottoman Civilization, specifically in the Pitch, and Fields of Law, Art, Literature, and Architecture. The Great and Nobel Conqueror and Establisher of Law and Justice Suleiman 1 the Magnificent, finally departed in 1566, near Szigetvar, Hungry.



Classic California ( The Golden State )

 Classic California

( A State on which Nature is Benevolent ) 

  California is the Largest State based on its Population of over 38 Million, and it is the Third Largest State behind Alaska and Texas by area. Initially the California Coast was explored by the Portuguese Explorer ‘Joao Rodriguez Cabrillo’ around the year 1542. Presently California is the most compactly inhabited state in the United States. The population of this Wonderful State exceeds, over 39 Million People, almost making it equivalent as the entire Country of Canada.  California is bordered to the north by Oregon, to the east by Nevada, to the southeast by Arizona, to the south by Mexico and the Pacific Ocean to the west, it is also known as the “Golden State.” And the Capital is Sacramento. Currently the California’s population according to the survey that was made in January, 2009, by the California Department of Finance was 38,292,687. Its largest Cities are Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Long Beach, Fresno, Sacramento and Oakland. The Area of California is measured to be 155,959 Square Miles (403,934 sq km). The Highest Point of this state is  ‘Mount Whitney’ with an Altitude of 14,494 feet (4,418 m), and  its Lowest Point is  ‘Death Valley’ at 282 feet (-86 m). In the 1500s California was one of the most diverse regions for Native American in the United States with around 70 Independent Tribes previous to the influx of people from other diverse areas. Los Angeles is California’s most Populous Metropolitan area and is the Second Largest Urban area in the United States also. in 1984 the National Council for Geographic Education & the Association of American Geographers formed the Five Themes of Geography, California has been considered officially since the 1970 Census as the most densely populated state in the United States, exceeding the population of the New York State that is estimated to be 18,237,000.

The Illicit Migration is a Vital Issue,  that is estimated to be around 7.3% of the Residents,  which were transferred as Illegal Immigrants according to the Stats of 2010. California has varied Geography that includes mountain ranges like the Sierra Nevada, which run south to north along the eastern border of the state, and the Tehacha0pi Mountains in Southern California.The State  of California is highly enriched with Marvelous and most Famous Valleys like the ‘Central Valley’ that is extremely Fecund in specific,  for Agricultural Productivity. The Wine-Growing Napa Valley is another Eye Catching View which adds extra Natural Magnificence to this state . Most of California’s climate is considered Mediterranean, with warm to hot dry Summers, but mild and gentle damp Winters. The Cities that are located closer to the Pacific Coast, experience a nautical average temperature with chilly and misty summers, whereas the Central Valley and other inland positions can become intensely hot in the summer time. However, the temperature Fluctuates in different areas like, in San Francisco’s the average high temperature in Midsummer touches 68°F 20°C while Sacramento’s ranges from 90°F  to 94°F, (34°C).The land of California is also blessed with Elegant and Vast  Desert Regions like the Death Valley with very cold environment in the higher mountain areas, moreover the state is highly active Geologically for the reason of its location that is within the Pacific Ring of Fire. Many large slip areas such as the San Andreas run throughout the state making a huge portion of it that includes Los Angeles and San Francisco municipal areas highly prone to Earth Quakes.

A portion of the Volcanic Cascade Mountain Range also extends into Northern California. The  Mount Shasta,  and Mount Lassen are the most Active Volcanoes in the area. The state of California is highly vulnerable against Natural Calamities, like Droughts, Wild fire, Landslides & Flooding. The Economy of California generates at least 13% of its (GDP), Gross Domestic Product, for the entire United States. Computers, and Electronic Products are the main features for California’s Largest Exports, while Tourism, Agriculture and other Manufacturing Industries are another Vast source of nourishment,  which contributes to a greater extent of the State’s Economy.