Abd Al Rahman Muhammad Ibn-e- Khaldun

Abd Al Rahman Muhammad Ibn-e- Khaldun

uhammad Ibn-e- Khaldun, was one of the most Distinguished and Noteworthy Scholar of the Islamic Culture during its Twilight Zone. Ibn Khaldun is generally regarded as a Great Historian, Sociologist and a Philosopher. He was born in Tunis on May 27th in the Year 1332, AD, Ibn- Khaldun was a decedent from an Arab Family of Hadramawt, he completed his educational career at the age of 20, and he then spent some 23 years in Political Adventures. He was rated among the Top Scholars’ Ibn- Khaldun w as highly regarded as a Mentor who taught for 31 Years which includes his services at the University of Al Azhar at Cairo, Egypt. Muhammad Ibn Khaldun also retained the position as a Magistrate and also served at the Court of the Sultan of Granada. He gave Precious Analysis through his Doctrines and was considered to be an authority on initiating the concept of Allied Disciplines he was  an Ardent Desire to see the Revival of the Declining Islamic Civilization. Among his CompilationsKitab Al- Ibar (Universal History) is an imperative involvement. Nevertheless the main and highly Significant Works of Universal Value by Muhammad Ibn Khaldun is the ‘Mukadima’. This significant Book is an introduction to the Historian Crafts and it is acknowledge as the starting point and a concrete structure of several avenues of research leading to the path of Philosophy of History, Sociology, Economics and Allied Disciplines. According to Muhammad Ibn Khaldun History Includes the whole of Human Past including its Social, Economic and Cultural Aspects, therefore this particular Work ‘under the Title of ‘Mukadima’ is extensively Advantageous, and Helpful for further Analysis on countless matters. Abd Al Rahman Muhammad Ibn- Khaldun remained involved in his thesis, for collecting precious material for generation to come, and benefit from. Abd Al Rahman Muhammad Ibn-e- Khaldun finally departed in the year 1406 A.D at the age of 74.



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