A Flute Player in Love with Heer

The Flute Player Played Mystic Tunes of Perpetual

Bliss, Heer & Ranjha fell in Love, but then they were

 Brazen out with Fatal Perils.


I said Heer, nothing happened, then I said  Ranjha, but it did not make any sense  either, but when I said Heer Ranjha, the entire world Fizzed Up, and Unveiled the Mystic Mysteries of the Ceaseless Love. In the fusion of the names Heer Ranjha is a marvelous confirmation of the transparency of their immaculate passions. Their names how beautifully blend together, Heer Ranjha, but why Heer Ranjha met such a Tragic End?…Only because they were in Love?… Yes, only because they were in Love… and that’s enough reason for the Decadents to carry out their Odium’s… Oh!…. what Brutal People exists in this world, they even failed to realize, that Heer Ranjha exclusively Personified to Blend and Merge into each other….Yet’ People…the cruel people, who don’t believe in Sacred Relations, were all prepared to tear them apart.

But, that’s the way, it has always been……..


aisha200bc, narrates the Love Story of ‘Heer Ranjha’

Ranjha was the most pampered amongst the 5 brother, he was the youngest and very much spoilt, a carefree youth who use to play exquisite and charming tunes on his flute. Ranjha’s four elder brothers were Merchants, in the fertile lands of Punjab, where the 5 rivers meet. The River Sutlej, Jhelum, Ravi, Chenab and Bias. The name of this province describes beautifully the convention of  five rivers ‘Punjh’ means five, (5) and’ Ab’ means ‘Water’. One day Ranjha picked up a Quarrel over nothing with his brothers, their argument heated and he left his home. Angry Ranjha, took nothing with him except his Flute, and travelled to a Village, quiet far from his own. That village was beautiful, lush green, but Ranjha was tired as he traveled on foot for such a long distance, suddenly his eyes fell over a Tree, a Fabulous Tree, loaded with Dark Red and Bright Yellow Flowers, when Ranjha looked at the Tree he felt as if fire has engulfed the whole tree, Ranjha melted with deep sentiments and walked heedlessly towards the tree. He sat under the shade of Red and Yellow Flowers reclining his back on the trunk of the tree. After a while Ranjha felt relaxed, and started playing one of his favorite tunes on his Flute, with his eyes closed.

  A little far away there was a well where Heer came often, with her Clay Pitcher to fill water.  Heer was the daughter of a Wealthy Farmer. That day when she came to fill her pitcher she heard to the sound of the lovely melody played on a flute, she looked in amazement here and there, and then, all of a sudden she looked towards the Tree where Ranjha was sitting with his eyes closed playing the Lute. Heer couldn’t stop herself and swayed towards Ranjha, “Who are you? You play beautiful Flute” she asked in a low tone, Ranjha opened his eyes as he heard  the loveliest melody in Heer’s Voice, it was so soothing to his soul. The melody in Heer’s Voice and the passionate tunes of Ranjha’s Flute still jingles in the Green Coppices of Punjab. When Ranjha looked at Heer he was spell bound, couldn’t say anything, mesmerized by her Beauty. And then as soon as their eyes met, they fell in Fathomless Love, not a word they had to say to each other, love needs no words or means it can be well textured. Heer and Ranjha started meeting every day for a short while and Ranjha paved his blazing emotions into Heer’s heart by playing compelling tunes with his flute. Heer had an Uncle called ‘Kedo’, but he was a not a virtuous but a covetous man, and soon discovered the secret love between Heer Ranjha. Kedo was burning inside and was determined to make hazards in their way, he could not bear to see Heer Ranjha together and influenced Heer’s father to get her married to the Wealthiest man in the whole village, and the father agreed. The unfortunate Heer couldn’t even raise her voice in front of her father; although her emotions were shattered she went Silent in Sorrow.

On the other side Ranjha wept blood day, and night but was unable to say anything either as he was Alone and Penniless. The date of Heer’s Marriage got fixed, but only a day before the marriage the wealthy man found the secret of Heer Ranjha’s love, he was a Generous and Wise man, he knew that Heer would never be able to love him as she was so deeply in love with Ranjha, and therefore, he announced to Call off his Marriage with Heer and permitted her whole heartedly to marry Ranjha. Bur when this news reached Heer’s Uncle Kedo, the iniquitous planned another Vicious and Conniving plot, he came to Heer on her Wedding Night just before Ranjha came. Uncle Kedo offered Heer to eat a piece of Sweet from the Silver Tray that he brought for her as a Wedding Ritual, and poor Heer was so Innocent she forgot the evilness of her uncle and picked up a piece of a sweet from the silver tray, and when her uncle left she took a bite, Deadly Poison was in the sweet piece and Heer Died on the spot. When Ranjha walked in the room to meet his Lovely Bride, she was gone. Ranjha was consumed with such Great Grief,  that he ate the remaining piece of the Sweet that was lying next to Heer, he knew it was filled with Poison, and from there took a flight together with his Bride forever.

And, that’s the way, it has always been……..



Abd Al Rahman Muhammad Ibn-e- Khaldun

Abd Al Rahman Muhammad Ibn-e- Khaldun

uhammad Ibn-e- Khaldun, was one of the most Distinguished and Noteworthy Scholar of the Islamic Culture during its Twilight Zone. Ibn Khaldun is generally regarded as a Great Historian, Sociologist and a Philosopher. He was born in Tunis on May 27th in the Year 1332, AD, Ibn- Khaldun was a decedent from an Arab Family of Hadramawt, he completed his educational career at the age of 20, and he then spent some 23 years in Political Adventures. He was rated among the Top Scholars’ Ibn- Khaldun w as highly regarded as a Mentor who taught for 31 Years which includes his services at the University of Al Azhar at Cairo, Egypt. Muhammad Ibn Khaldun also retained the position as a Magistrate and also served at the Court of the Sultan of Granada. He gave Precious Analysis through his Doctrines and was considered to be an authority on initiating the concept of Allied Disciplines he was  an Ardent Desire to see the Revival of the Declining Islamic Civilization. Among his CompilationsKitab Al- Ibar (Universal History) is an imperative involvement. Nevertheless the main and highly Significant Works of Universal Value by Muhammad Ibn Khaldun is the ‘Mukadima’. This significant Book is an introduction to the Historian Crafts and it is acknowledge as the starting point and a concrete structure of several avenues of research leading to the path of Philosophy of History, Sociology, Economics and Allied Disciplines. According to Muhammad Ibn Khaldun History Includes the whole of Human Past including its Social, Economic and Cultural Aspects, therefore this particular Work ‘under the Title of ‘Mukadima’ is extensively Advantageous, and Helpful for further Analysis on countless matters. Abd Al Rahman Muhammad Ibn- Khaldun remained involved in his thesis, for collecting precious material for generation to come, and benefit from. Abd Al Rahman Muhammad Ibn-e- Khaldun finally departed in the year 1406 A.D at the age of 74.


Choroo Rhyny doo

Choroo Rhyny doo

 Choroo Rhyny doo, Abh Bhala Kaun Daiky Khab’h

Abh Kaha’n kse kae Khab’h Sharminda-e-Tabeer hoe

Iss Sheray Jana’h mae Sab Basafa Mitt gae

Bae Wajha, Baekarr, Waqt ka Zia’n –Chooro Rhyny doo

Ahnee Kalaejoo’n mae, Teer abh bhi  Paiwasta

Neem Barhaina Jism Hajatae Pairahan sae Raiza Raiza

Path’raee  hoe Ankhoo sae abh Bhala Kaun Daikhy Khab’h

Choroo Rhyny doo,  Abh Bhala Kaun Daiky Khab’h

Mauhtsabo’n ke Kilwat mae Karay Jaha’n Daraz hain

Zard Ahoo’n sae Shikasta Purza… Purza

 Bae Nisha’n Cheray Kab kse ko Yadh hain

Haq ka Sood’h hai kae Charhta he Chala Jata  hai

Phir bhi Hamnawa,  Haq Dar ke,  Khalee he Rahi Oakh,

HaqNa Haq ho Chala—Phir bhala koi– kia daikhy Khab’h

Choroo Rhyny Doo————-




Once Again Independence Day

Once Again Independence Day

A Day Most Supreme, Most Exalted for USA

Oh! You People… must you Not Forget

Who were the Warriors… that brought you this Day

Great  were the Souls… of  Yester Years

Their Magnificent Attempts…with Blood and Tears

They Fought Valiantly… for Honor and Liberty

Now you must Defend… their Image and Dignity

Oh! You People in Joy… Must you not Forget

They Waited not… for Time to Arrive,

Yet, Captured the Moments….of Glory and Light,

For All of You to Live.. a Meaningful Life

Do not Shatter, their Hopes…Their Souls still Endures

Their Efforts were Genuine… and Intension’s so Pure

Regain! …Recall! … Recollect,  your Unity

Which  once was Present… with Elegance and Beauty

Once Again Independence Day

A Day Most Supreme,  Most Exalted for USA…….

Happy 4th July Independence Day