Why Blue???

Word Press and its Theme Blue

 Why Blue??

Word press commenced as a Free Web Based Software, a Simple Innovation which was meant for Blogging Purposes,  an easy way for people to establish their Blogging Sites.  But with the Passage of Time and the In -Undated Collective Efforts by the Word Press Professional  Team, this Soft Ware developed in to one of the Most Powerful Publishing Sites on the Entire Net,  with Multiple Features.  Word Press is structured on many features that are powered by PHP and SQL (Structured Query Language), SQL is the most Safest and Powerful Data Base that was founded, by a Professor of the  Harvard University in the year 1971, at the time when there was no concept of the Present day Computer Technology. Today Word press has taken a Sharp Turn and is regarded as one of the Major Subsidiary of Google. The Publications by Word Press along with other Strategies Revolve’s round the Globe. Details concerning Word Press Services and Features  are Ample on the Internet.

Among the Colors, Blue, and Green are the most Sedating Colors, even Nature reflects its Harmony with these Two Colors in Abundance.  Blue is a Significant Color amongst other colors. It is Frequently considered as the Safest Global Color also. We in our Daily Living do not realize that Colors have Profound Effects on our Feelings both Mentally and Physically. Another interesting Analysis regarding Color Blue,  is that it is considered as a Business Color,  for the reason that it reflects Reliability. Blue represents Peace and Professionalism. The Preference of People’s choice in Colors depicts their Personalities,  Behavior and Temperaments; it Detonates their Natural Abilities and Characteristics.  Dr Morton Walker in of his Books “The Power of Color” suggested,  that the Ancient Egyptians and the Native American Indians,  used Color and Colored Lights for Healing Purposes, for its Cool Quality and Healing Properties.

 Blue in its Different Shades represents, Peace, Stability, Harmony, Unity, Trust and Confidence. It also Depicts Conservatism, Security, Cleanliness, Technology, Loyalty, Truth and Trust. In different Countries colors are associated with Unusual Notions and Things, like in the Middle East,  Blue is suppose to be a Protective Color, In Columbia Blue is Linked with Soap, for the Hindus Blue is the Color of Krishna. In China Blue is associated with Mortality, and for the Jews the Color Blue Symbolizes Holiness.  In the same manner the Stone Lapiz Lazuli is also considered by the Jews,  as a Sacred Stone.

The Colors that we  choose introduce us ,  it also Depicts  the Personality, Intentions  and our  Charisma. The Professionals  Assembled behind the Word Press Team, seems to be Naturally Inclined towards Color Blue—………..Why Blue???