Noori Jam Tamachi ( Two Hearts, One Beat )

Noori Jam Tamachi

      ( Two Hearts, One Beat )

aisha200bc, Narrates, the Tale of, ‘Noori Jam Tamachi’

It had been Quiet a Long Time, When a True Tale of Two Hearts, Surfaced.

And Jam Tamachi took away Noori; He was a Strong Man, the Ruler of Sindh. One day while he was travelling with his Courtiers his Eyes suddenly fell on Noori, near a Tranquil Lake. Jam Tamachi Drowned in the Sea of Emotions at his First Glance, he never saw such a Beauty ever before in his Life…Oh! How Extra Ordinary, and Stunningly Beautiful Noori was, the Contours of her Face and Figure were Marvelously Crafted by Nature, a Fine and an Exquisite Piece of Jewel was Noori .  Her Beauty was Captivating, and her Charms Mystic, her looks Radiating  like a Fabulous Piece of Crystal. She had to make no efforts to make People Spell Bound…..  The Sizzling Emotions took over Jam Tamachi, and he carried her Away, to live in his Beautiful Palace as his Queen… Emotions can play Havoc in one’s  life, Just like Norrie’s  Life.Jam Tamachi released orders to his  Courtiers…. “Take the Girl into  Custody! And Rest Assure!  She Reaches the Palace Safely”…. The Courts men, executed immediately Jam Tamachi’s  Clouting Command, and Noori got so Frightened, that she Fainted there & then.

When Noori caught her senses , she found herself inside the Palace of Jam Tamachi, but in the Sparkling Lights of the Palace Noori’s Life Suddenly Plunged into Complete Darkness. She wanted to Escape but couldn’t do anything, Poor Girl was Captured by the Ruler of Sindh, a Strong man Jam Tamachi was.  Noori was a daughter of a Poor Fisherman, she cried her heart out, as she wanted to Re-Unite with her family, the lovely girl met such a tragedy she could not think of.  Tamachi was  Overwhelmed with Emotions and Desire for  Lust; he lost control and was  Seized by the Excellence of her Loveliness, and therefore was not Willing to Part. Noori was Accustomed to a much Humbler Life Style, she  felt  Suffocated in the  Lavish Courts of  Jam Tamachi, living in accordance with the Rigid Royal Rules. Slowly, and slowly the Splendor’s of her Charm’s begin  to Fade, and  her Rosy Complexion was losing its  Radiance,  her Twinkling Eyes kept Shedding Tears so often.  Noori Pined Desperately for her Small Hut on the water’s  edge, where she was born and raised,  she missed her  Simple and  Undemanding,  but  Genuine Pleasures of  Previous Life. Jam Tamachi tried his  Utmost to please Noori, and to make her Happy with the Riches of his Kingdom which anyone would crave for,  but he failed,  as for Noori the Worldly Riches were Fake, & False.

However, deep inside her heart, Noori did  Cherish Jam Tamachi a lot, as he use to Bathe her in Love. But even then she missed her family and was not happy without them….How could one remain happy when parted with blood?…. She pleaded Jam Tamachi to let her go,  but Tamachi fell so deep in love with Noori that he became Self Conceited. After some time Noori reached a state where she was unable able to bear the Sight of his Laughing Love and, bowed into a Melancholy Queen, she was left with no choice. After making all the Efforts, Jam Tamachi Failed to Delight Noori, then came a day,  that he Finally Surrendered and decided to let Noori Return to her people. This Defeat of Tamachi twisted into his Regal Victory. His True Love for Noori was so Great and Intense that he Rejected all the Riches that he held, and Abdicated his Throne.  Jam Tamachi  picked up Noori in his arms,  and  left the Palace without giving it a Second Look. It was only for Noori that Jam Tamachi adopted a simpler way and changed into a Fisherman… Noori Jam Tamachi lived a Long & a Bliss Full Life, and Jam Tamachi never Regretted for his Final Achievement was Worth much more than his Throne………..



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