Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System

 Criminal Justice is a System that is prevalent in Every Country of the World since Antiquity; this system is regulated under Particular Laws which the Government of the countries’ specifies and determines while keeping in view the circumstances and the conditions of the society and their citizens at large. The Main Purpose of this System is to Prevent the Level of Crime and to provide Maximum Security to the people under different Law Enforcement Agencies  regulating on Government and Non-Governmental basis. The Subject of Criminal Justice System is primarily concerned with the enforcement of criminal law. The Criminal Justice System consists of Three Main Parts: (1) Law Enforcement (2) Adjudication (3) Correctional Criminal Justice Agencies. These Operating agencies are particularly intended to operate within the Rule’s of Laws, specifically determined by the Governing Bodies on Superior Level.

 In the United States, Criminal Justice  Policy has been guided by the 1967, President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and, Administration of Justice, which issued grounds and a comprehensive approach toward the prevention of crime on different scale. Criminal Justice is the system of practices, and organizations, used by National and Local Governments, which are focused towards maintaining a Peaceful and a Non- Violent Society. The primary agencies that are under obligation for regulating and charging with these responsibilities are the Law Enforcement Agencies like Courts, Defense Attorney’s and Local Jails.The Criminal Justice System is focused to Reduce Crime and their Elements and also by bringing offences and miss conducts by people to Justice. These Strategies are a Set of Rules to raise public confidence and to provide sense of security in the system. Under this Particular system the main area remains to deliver its fair services for the law-abiding citizens and to maintain their Trust in the Governing Bodies. Moreover, this system also aims into Interrogation of the Goals of crimes committed & its Maximum Control and prevention over them. It also Stress on the Systems Approach towards Criminal Justice, with enhanced coordination and Collective Efforts between all the entities’ that are engaged in representing, and exercising the Criminal Justice System. The chief and prime aim of the Criminal Justice System is to  minimize if not eliminate the crime & assure the citizens of justice law and security. Controlling crime and sanctioning those who violate regulations and laws with Criminal Penalties is a Vital Concern of this system. The concerned authorities are involved keeping   Strict Vigilance over Controlling Violence, and Crime, and further to take Legitimate Actions by  Sentencing those who Violate Rules, Regulations and Laws with due Punishments.

However, the Government remains within the Frameworks of the Basic and  most Significant Laws as a Priority, to Protect Human Rights.  Under the President’s Commission Policy the Criminal Justice System is defined as Preventive Method, for its citizens. It broadly  defined the Criminal Justice System, as the means for society to Enforce and Enhance the standards of Conducts that are Essential to protect individuals and the communities at large. The 1967, President’s  Commission advocated a systems approach to criminal justice with Improved Coordination among Law Enforcement, Courts, and Correctional Agencies. The President’s Commission defined the criminal justice system as the means for society to implement standards of conducts and  Civilized Behavior which must be observed with strict measures.

The Criminal Justice System is targeted to reduce crime by bringing more Offences to Justice, and moreover  to raise Public Confidence that the system is fair and will deliver its services for the Law-Abiding Citizens. furthermore, this system aims at Severe Vigilance over the Intentional Criminal Activities via prevention, and justice. The  Criminal Justice System is perpetually indulgent in reducing crimes & increasing the security of the people. The involvement and purpose of law is to provide an objective Set of Rules for governing conduct & maintaining Order and Harmony in society. Criminal Law is concerned with Actions, which are Dangerous or Harmful to society in specific, and on individual basis as well, in which Prosecution is Pursued not by any Individual but rather by the State. Among the major and most imperative features of criminal Justice is to provide the specific definition of what constitutes a crime, and to Prescribe and Execute the Constitutional Penalties. No Criminal Justice System can be Valid or Operative in the Constitution of any Country unless it includes these Precise Elements.

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