Perks of the Mughals

Perks of the Mughal’s

In the Harem’s of the Mughal Emperor’s in India, the Ladies of Royal Blood changed their Apparels Several Times in a day, and after wearing the Expensive Costume’s once, they were not Repeated and Discarded. Then those Discarded Exclusive and Costly Costumes were either given to the Slave Girls or were sent to the Concubines.
The Great King Akbar, son of Emperor Humayun often used Personified Dancing Girls, as the Chess Pieces and an Entire Garden was selected for the purpose of a Chessboard. The Emperor Akbar would seat on a high Marble Tower calling each move from his Throne, The Beautiful and Lovely Young Girls, Attired Fabulously would Whirl and Move from Square to Square. This Deluxe and Luxurious Ritual became so Popular, that even after Two Centuries some Visitors from Madras, India, witnessed the same Remarkable Sight in the Courts of The Maharajahs also. A 25 Feet tall Mounted Wheeled Platform, on which a Proper Real Garden was developed for the sole purpose of a Chessboard, had to be pulled by a Team of 50 Men of labor
One of the most Prominent Mughal Emperor Jahangir, who was also the Largest Collector of Precious Stone’s in the World. Emperor Jahangir consumed more than Sixteen (16) Glasses of Wine each day, from morning till night. The Surplus of Wine Consumption damaged his Liver Intensely. The Royal Physician’s although alarmed Emperor Jahangir against the Perils concerning his Heath in relation to his Excess in Wine Consumption, but the Emperor did not Pay Much Attention to the Advice of the Royal Physician’s . As a result, later in his life Emperor Jahangir fell extremely ill, suffering from the Malfunction of Liver, and thus the Emperor was unable to Digest the Food. The Emperor’s Consumption of Wine almost came to an end however, since Emperor Jahangir’s Biological Digestive System was Addicted to Wine Consumption therefore, his Royal Physician’s Suggested and Permitted him to consume, but, a Single Glass of Wine, with his Restricted Once a Day Meal, for the reason that it will help him to Digest the Food.
The Grand Mughal Emperor Alamgir was the son of the Great Emperor Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal in honor for his Most Beloved Wife, Mumtaz Mahal Begum. The Emperor Alamgir spent Approximately Seven Million of Rupees worth today only in a Single Day on his Coronation Ceremony. Emperor Alamgir used to be served with around more than Seven Hundred &Fifty (750), types of Assorted Delicacies’ and Dishes from his Royal Menu.

History is Only To Be Written, and Not to be Repeated, but Those who Repeat it, are Condemned to Regret it.



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