Until then, Let me Sleep

Until then, Let me Sleep

Wake Me Up!… When Dawn Appears
Wake Me Up!… When Tears Disappears
Wake Me Up!… When None Despairs
Wake me Up!… When Sky is Clear
Until then….. Let Me Sleep,
For Sleep is Bliss, and My Hours Less.

The Past is History, the Present a Doomsday,
Wake Me Up!… When Future Arrives,
Until then….. Let Me Sleep,
For Sleep is Peace, and my Existence at Ease.

Wake Me Up!… When Tyrants are Gone,
Wake me Up!… When Oppressors are None,
Wake me Up!… When Justice Becomes,
Wake me Up!… When Fears are Spurn,

Until then, Let Me………………



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    Apr 19, 2011 @ 11:07:19

    Hi Ayesha Ji,

    So Sweet and peacful poem ! I am unable to decide either tranquility vests in this poem or this poem vests in tranquilty.It is a mingled form of peace and calm. You have shown strong feeling for peace everywhere through this valuable poem.You definately know that pen is mightier than sword.A pen heals the wound of heart but medicine or herd heals that wound in many days.There is a proverb in Hindi Literature “Jahaan Na Pahunche Ravi, Wahaan Pahunche Kavi”.It means where there is the Sun unable to reach , there reaches poet easily.Thus, a poet can never be compared to the Sun. He ( the poet) is considered the angle of God.It can be said conclusively that your poem is really peace loving poem, what I appreciate by the bottom of my heart.Thanks once gain Ayesha Ji.


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