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Amazing Information

1) The Banana Plant cannot Reproduce itself; its Fruit contains no Seeds, it can only be propagated through Human Hands. Moreover, the Banana Plant is not a Tree, it is an ‘Herb’ and it is the only Plant that has no Woody or Solid Parts, nor its Trunk, Fruit, Leaves, its Branches and also the Seeds.

2) There are only Two Words in English Language that contains the Vowels, a, e, i, o, and u, in their Proper Order, and the Words are, ‘Facetious’ and ‘Abstemious’.

3) The Sterling Silver, is not pure form of Sliver Metal, for the reason that Pure Silver is very supple and soft metal therefore in order to be used in different products and items it has to be mixed with Copper Metal in the proportions of 92.5 percent Pure Silver Metal, to 7.5 Percent of Copper Metal.

4) Gasoline has no Specific Freezing Temperature Point; the freezing temperature of Gasoline varies from between minus 180 degree and minus 240 degree F (minus, 118 degree to minus, 151 degree, C. And When the Gasoline freezes it never solidifies totally or turn into concrete solid substance but its solidification resembles Gummy or Wax type of Texture.

5) The fact is amazing that no one up till now has ever found or discovered two Snowflakes identical with exactly the same Crystal Patterns.

6) Diamonds even if put in Strong Acid will not Dissolve, the only thing that can completely Destroy the stone is Intense Heat.

7) A Woman suffering from Arthritis will be released from the Arthritic Pains, as soon as she becomes Pregnant. The reason for this sudden change remains Obscure, and a Dilemma.

8) One of the Longest, and most Unusual Rivers among the world is the River Nile. The river has its sources near the Equator and from there it flows into a Temperate Zone. The flow of the River Nile unlike other rivers., is in the Opposite Direction. The reason behind this Amazing Fact is Unknown and remains a Dilemma.

9) The Planet Jupiter is so Large that all the Planets in our Solar System could be easily placed inside the Planet Jupiter.

10) This is a Fact that it is Impossible for a Solar Eclipse to last more than 7 Minutes and 58 Seconds, for the reason of the Speed at which the Sun moves.

11) The Star known as LP, 327-186, a so called ‘White Dwarf’ is smaller than the State of Texas yet, it is so Dense that if a Cubic Inch of this Star were brought to the Planet Earth it would Weigh more than 1.5 Million Tons.  

12) A Sunbeam setting out through Space at the rate of which light travels that is 186, 000, Miles per Second would describe a Gigantic Circle and return to its Origins after a period of approximately 200 Billion Years.



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