Stone Cutter & Princess Fell in Love (Shirin Farhad)

A Stone Cutter and a Princess Fell in Love, What a Remarkable Incident, But The Vicious Played his Part.


aisha200bc narrates, the Love Story of, Shirin Farhad

Times have gone by, then in Iran there was a Princess called Shirin, she was as Sweet as her Name, and as Lovely as a Moon beam. A Young and a Bold man known as Farhad was a Stone Cutter, who fell in Love with Shirin. Their Romance Bloomed in the mid of the Autumn. Farhad was only a Poor Stone Cutter but his Heart was as Tender as Rose Petals. The day Shirin and Farhad fell in Love the Moon and the Stars Adoring the Purity of their Love Prostrated. But at the Discovery of their Love Affair, the King went Furious. He suddenly turned Haughty and Arrogant and Mocked at Farhad. The King devised a Cunning Plot against Farhad, and executed orders and Challenged Farhad, to Prove his Worth. What a Foolish King he was, how Worth can be measured of Loving Hearts, the feelings of the Hearts that are in Love are Regulated by Nature, and Nature only Dictate’s Harmony.

The Message of the Cruel King was delivered to Farhad by the Courtiers that he must Dig Forty Miles Long Canal in the Rockiest Land among the Hills, and the Canal must Gush Forth Springs of Sweet Waters. When Shirin heard this News she cursed her Father in her Heart, a Heart that was laden with Grief already, how Brutal the King was. Shirin loved Farhad and her Father did not. But Farhad was a Brave Man he took the Challenge Graciously, and set off with a Spade in his hand to accomplish the Impossible Task. He was sent to the Rockiest Hilly areas, where he labored for Years until a day came that finally he made it, and was Gloriously Triumphant. When Farhad was hitting the most Concrete Area of the ground where the Forty Miles Ended, a Spring Gushed, but not of Sweet WaterIt was Milk!!!–Yes it was a Spring of Milk!! Farhad could not believe what he saw and the Men of the King were Bewildered, they hurried and ran back to the King to break the News.

At first the King refused to believe, and said he will see it with his own Eyes, so arrangements were made for the King to Travel and see for himself the Spring of Milk. Upon discovering the Truth and the Failure of his Scheme, the Desperate King plotted another Evil Plan and sent his Messengers to inform Farhad that Shirin was Dead, as she could not bear the distance. When the News was broken on Farhad, such was his Grief that he Cut Split Open his Head with the same Spade from which he Digged a Canal of Milk for Shirin. The news broadcast of Farad’s Death Engulfed the whole city. Shirin ran out from her Palace, and nobody could Stop her, she wanted to see her Lover and found him Lying Dead in a pool of Blood. In Utmost Despair she struck her herself with the same Spade, and Joined her Wronged Love for Eternity.



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    Apr 13, 2011 @ 05:27:10

    Hiiiiiiiii Ayesha ji ,
    Good Morning,today I read a remarkable love story of Shirin and Farhad narrated by you on this website. I like it very much. It is reality that the synonym of “love” is “parting” . ” Deewaanon ke kismat me Tanhayee hai, Ishq ka dooja naam to yaar judaayee hai “.


    Arvind Kumar
    From Chandigarh, India


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