Abu Al-Qasim Ibn Muhammad, Al- Junayd (A Pragmatic Intellectual)

(A Pragmatic Intellectual )

Abu Al-Qasim, Ibn Muhammad Al- Junayd was a preeminent early Muslim Scholar, who was mystically inclined towards Divinity. Ibn Muhammad Al- Junayd belonged to a considerable orthodox family, who were basically from ‘Western Persia’ but settled in Iraq. Ibn Muhammad Al- Junayd’s basic education, and brought up roused his curiosity to look deeper into the Mystic Angles of Islam. He was born in ‘Baghdad, Iraq in the year 830, AD. Abu Al-Qasim later obtained comprehensive Education in Law, and was extremely Influenced by the Teachings of the ‘Prophet Muhammad’ (peace be upon him), and learnt ‘Al- Quran’ by heart. He remained under the tutelage of his uncle who was a Famous Sufi also.  However, Abu Al-Qasim’s penetration into ‘Muslin Sciences’ greatly influenced his ‘Mystical Career’ and Outlook and restrained him from the extremes which many other Sufi,s practiced,  that labeled ‘Sufism’ as an Abstract Phenomenon among the more established Doctrines of Islam. Ibn Muhammad Al- Junayd always remained ‘Prudent and Pragmatic’ in his overall  Moderate Teachings, and believed  in the matters of Theology in specific. His arguments  were uncomplicated and thus he openly propagated that ‘Mystic Knowledge’ was not intended for an ‘Average Person’.  Ibn Muhammad Al- Junayd’s   Ideology was based on his judgments, that God, the Creator is Active, Omnipresent, and thus is absorbed in each of his creation. He further elaborated, that Sufism  is a Different Segment and cannot be Generalized. This philosophy or point of view, by Ibn Muhammad Al- Junayd, always remained under Conflict and came under much Debate by other Scholars of his time, who sharply disagreed with his ‘Remote Perceptions’ in contrasts with the moderate believe of Inactive, Oneness of the Creator. Many Orientals  have drawn parallels  with  Al-Junayd’s doctrine of ‘Mysticism’ & ‘Sufism’. Nevertheless, Ibn Muhammad Al- Junayd while enduring and Teaching his Philosophical point of view , died in Baghdad, Iraq, in the year  910 AD.



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