Brief Authentic Review ‘MOSLEH OD_DIN SADI

Brief Authentic Review



 MOSLEH OD_DIN SA’DI, one of the greatest figure’s in Classical Persian Literature, was born in Shiraz, in the year 1213 AD. MOSLEH OD_DIN SADI,   initiated his  educational career from Baghdad, at the renowned Nezamiyeh University. He Left  Shiraz in the year 1226, A.D, purely for the reason that the  Infrastructure  of that Particular Region was Breaking Down. This was the period of grate  Massacre, when  War and Rage was erupting with extreme intensity and the entire Persia was in a state of  Chaos . After his departure from Persia  MOSLEH OD_DIN SADI, who is mostly acknowledged as Sheikh Saadi, for his Virtuosity, and foresight, then  traveled towards Central Asia, India, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and Morocco. He is considered to be one of those Scholars who had a Superb,  Enlightened Mind, the  Quotes by MOSLEH OD_DIN SA’DI are an immense Source of  Wisdom.  Moreover,  to a great extent he is widely accepted in the medieval East as a household name.

 SHEIKH  SADI, s  best known works that he completed in 1257, A.D was ‘BUSTAN” (The Orchard). This work by MOSLEH OD_DIN SA”DI is entirely in Verse (epic meter) and  consists many  stories appropriately illustrating the Typical Virtues, specifically recommended to Muslim Justice, Liberality, Modesty & Contentment. The famous compilation The  ‘BUSTAN,  by MOSLEH OD_DIN SADI also elaborates the Life Style’s  and Ecstatic  Practice’s by the ‘ DERVISHES’. Another worth mentioning compilation by Sheikh SADI is his famous works published  under the name of ‘Golestan’ (The Garden), which he finished in the year 1258, AD.

These  work by MOSLEH OD_DIN SADI are  mainly in Prose, and contains multiple  Stories of his Personal Familiarity of the events, cultural heritage,  and specific places, that he traveled,  he also emphasis on his personal anecdote’s . The text in ‘Golestan’ is interspersed with a variety of  Poems as well,  these Poems by Sheikh  Saadi also contains Aphorisms, Advices, and  Humorous Reflections.   SADI,s  lyrics are to be found in his another extremely famous inscription known as the ‘Ghazaliyat‘ and also in his Odes, in Qasaid.  MOSLEH OD_DIN SA’DI has compiled great works  in Arabic Language,  and for these extraordinary and explicit  contributions, his efforts are  surely Commendable and Noteworthy.

 MOSLEH OD_DIN SADI is highly recognized in the literary Circle for his extra ordinary flair of expressions,After a long period when  Sheikh Saadi  finally  returned to Shiraz, Persia he then  recorded his Versatile Experience’s. MOSLEH OD_DIN SADI, Mostly renowned as SHEIKH SAADI,  died in Shiraz,  on 9th, December in the year, 1292, A.D, leaving Enormous Wisdom, shooting from different branches of life,  for Generations to come. 

( SHEIKH SAADI, The Wise One )



Tum Maeray Daman–o-Rukhsar tu Chuu Saktay ho

(Tum Maeray Daman -O- Rukhsar)

Tum Maeray Daman -O- Rukhsar tu Chuu Saktay ho,

Tum Maeray, Hoo’ntoo kae Angar  tu Chuu Saktay ho,

Maeri Nazuk, see Kalai, ko Massal Saktay hoo,…Laikin!

Tum Maerae Jism Kae, Harrr Khatt ko, Fana kar kae bhi,

Kia Maeri Rooh, kee Gharai, ko Parh Saktay ho?

Tum Akalae hee Nahi, Tum sae kae aur bhi hain,

Jab bhi Chahai’n,  Jaha’n  Chahai’n, Woo Baraih’na kar dain,

Maeri  Majboor,  Jawani  ko Woo  Laila  Kar  dain,

Apni Wahshat–o-Hawis ko, woo Zulaikha, Kar dain,

Pyar  Bikta  hai  Yaha’n,  aur  Isqh  kee  Mairaj,  bhi  Ik Afsana,

Kaun  tha  Qais?  aur,  Farhad  ko  kis  nae Peh’chana?

Zinda  Lasho  ko  Lahad  mai  nahi,

 Mehloo mai,  tum  abh  Dafnana

Kaun  Janae,  kae  Maerae  Jism kae  harr  Zar’rae  sae,

Dard  kee  Koo’nplai’n,  abh  Phuoot Chuki  hain,  Laikin!

Woo Damaktay  hue,  Chay’roo  kae,  Poojaree  hain  Yaha’n!

Woo  tu  Buss  Taak  mai  hain,  koi Jawa’n,  Jism  ho  Jaha’n!

Un ko  Iss  Zakhm  kae,  kuch Karb  Ka,  Ah’saas  Kaha’n.

( A Voice of a Rape Victim )


(Copy Rights Reserved)

Omar Khayyam, Heart Beat of Millions

Heart Beat of Millions

Omar Khayyam, a Tantalizing, Romantic Poet from the East, the Prominence and Excellence of Omar Khayyam’s Rubiayats might never have appeared as Brilliantly as they do today. The entire Credit goes to Edward Fitz Gerald, it was Gerald’s genuine efforts that he probed with extreme indulgence into the works of the Maestro, and Indebted the World of Literature with Precious Consignment. However, the controversies still prevails regarding the Authenticity of Khayyam’s original works, as it was undeniably an extremely Intricate Task to differentiate between the original works by Omar Khayyam, and other Poets of his time. Khayyam’s Mystic and Romantic Quadruplets depict his Sentimental Celebrity although, by profession Khayyam was a renowned Mathematician, and an Astrologer. He was born in Iran, Nishapur, in the year, 1048 AD, he received his extensive education in the Sciences and Philosophy in his native city Nishapur. He traveled to Samarkand, where he completed his comprehensive Treatises in Arabic on Algebra,  Khayyam was later Cordially Invited by the ‘Sultan Jalal Ad- Din Malik Shah’, to undertake the Astronomical Observations,  that were required for the reform of the Calendar.

Khayyam’s great scientific distinction remained Vague, for his Greater Poetical renown, his Classic Rubaiyat’s or Quatrains are a collection of about, ‘2000 Epigrams’. The peculiar form of Poetry that is called ‘Rubai’ in Persian language literally means Four (4) and therefore, the Rubai contains four lines, the first, second and fourth of which have the same Rhyme, while the third is supposedly but not necessarily remains Rhyme Less. Omar Khayyam Rubaiyat’s (Quatrains) are known in the West largely and mainly through ‘Edward FitzGerald’ which he Translated and Published in the year1957 or 1959. Omar Khayyam remains the only poet who is chiefly recognized and highly celebrated for his Enticing Rubaiyat’s; the subtlety of his works are Intoxicating, Blending Marvelously with his exclusive thought content. Close reading of authentic verses by Khayyam reveals him to be a thoughtful, and a profound man, inundated by the Eternal Questions of  Nature  and  the Universe.  The Passage of Time, human existence that is ultimately Fatal and man’s relation to God. These intricacies of Nature  provoked his intellects, that brought forth  such Marvelous Expression’s by him . Omar Khayyam belonged to a small village of Nishapur, Iran, his father by profession was a Tent Maker, the Epithet,  ‘Khayyam’ in Persian Language means ‘Tent Maker’ probably the description Khayyam is attached to his name for this reason.

Since Omar Khayyam, did not write Intentionally as a poet therefore, his works remained under Scrutiny, until Fitz Gerald initiated his Explicit Expedition to explore Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat’s. The delicate and Unique Styles of the Rubiayat’s were well observed by Fitz Gerald, as he made intense Hypothetical Researches, and finally managed to collect a Great Number of the originals by Khayyam. Edward Fitz Gerald was certainly a Privileged and an  Outstanding Intellectual  who was surely Gifted with the ability to discern between the Genuine Works that were mixed with other poets of Khayyam’s era. However, still a lot of  Khayyam’s  works remain unrevealed. A 20th Century student Al- Dashti, concluded in his Thesis  ‘ In Search of Omar Khayyam’ published in 1971, that among 1,000 Quatrains attributed to Khayyam , only 102, are considered to be authentic, the source of Al- Dashti’s Remarks regarding the authenticity still remain Obscure. Nevertheless, Fitz Gerald’s Splendid Acumen determines his matchless understanding for Finest Literature, and also his  superb skills for Paraphrasing yet, the exact translation could never be achieved. Edward Gerald himself was a Notable Writer, born on March, 31st, 1809, AD, in Bradfield, England, he was educated at the Trinity College, Cambridge. Some Phrases, and Expressions in Poetry are much alike Idioms, they can never be Translated as such into another language.  This is one of the Most Thought-Provoking and beautiful marks of Distinction between different languages that retain its Beauty and Splendor. Translating poetry from one language to another is no Trivial Task, as Aesthetics and other complex elements are involved. However, the ‘Original Persian Version of Khayyam’s Rubiayat’s stands on its own as Classics , and also many of the Lyrics and Phrases, by Omar Khayyam such as, “A Loaf of Bread”…..” A Jug of Wine”…“Thou by my Side” and “The Moving Finger Writes”. Omar Khayyam had his own Delicate way of looking into Nature’s Mysteries, his Styles of writing the Quadruplets  are Unique and Pleasurable.

Here not to mention his Great Achievements as a Scholar of Great honor and genius would be off beam and unjust. Khayyam’s contributions in the field of Mathematics and Astrology are undeniably significant. Khayyam gave Geometric Solutions to the ‘Cubic Equations’ In 1079 AD, and devised a Calendar that was accredited more Precise than ‘Julian’ or ‘Georgian’ method. Khayyam also discovered the set of numbers which were later adopted in the West as ‘Pascal’s Triangle’. Omar Khayyam & Edward Fitz Gerald are names Inseparable, Fitzgerald was the Only Intellectual who introduced Omar Khayyam to the West, Fitz Gerald the one True Admirer of Khayyam who attempted with great enthusiasm to translate the most beautiful English Version of Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat’s. Edward Fitz Gerald  died on 14th of June, 1883, Merton, Norfolk, and Khayyam spent much of his life while teaching Philosophy and Mathematics,  died in 1122, AD, in Nishapur, Iran.

My Personal View On Fitzgerald’s Translation.

” Regardless of Countless  Controversies concerning Khayyam’s Original works, and the misinterpretations, the Credit still goes to Edward Fitz Gerald, it was only because of Fitz Gerald that people know the poetic side of Omar Khayyam, besides disregarding his efforts on remaining unable for  Exact Paraphrasing  are  not justified in any manner. Poetry and to a certain extent Prose,  also cannot be translated accurately, however the possibility remains with Technical Writings to a certain extent. Fitz Gerald’s Precious contribution is Highly Commendable, and thus must be acknowledged with great Fervor, as up till now no other name is linked with Omar Khayyam other than Edward Fitz Gerald.

” Drink Wine, for I have said a Thousand Times, that you will not Return—Once Gone….You’re Gone ”   ( Omar Khayyam)

PS: The above article is an informative piece which entirely focus on the renowned poet Omar Khayyam and the the most famous Writer Edward Fitz Gerald, who Translated Khayyam’s Rubaiyat’s from Persian to English language. This article will add to the knowledge of the readers. However, more researched articles are available on the net with much elaborated details regarding Omar Khayyam & Edward Fitz Gerald.

( Come to Old Khayyam, and Forget the Wise)


A Short Survey of Google Inc.

A Short Survey of Google Inc

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The Basic Idea behind Formulating this Massive Venture was…….  “To Organize the World’s Information, and Make it Universally Accessible & Useful”

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Google the Hot Hosts & Search Engine Optimization

Google & Search Engine Optimization

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A Flute Player in Love with Heer

The Flute Player Played Mystic Tunes of Perpetual Bliss,
Heer & Ranjha fell in Love, but then they were Brazen
out with Fatal Perils.

aisha200bc, Narrate’s ‘Heer Ranjha’

I said Heer, nothing happened, then I said Ranjha, but it did not make any sense either, but when I said Heer Ranjha, the Entire World Fizzed Up, and Unveiled the Mystic Mysteries of Ceaseless Love. In the Fusion of the names Heer Ranjha itself, is a Marvelous Confirmation of the Transparency of their Immaculate Passions. Their names how Beautifully Blend together, Heer Ranjha. But why Heer Ranjha met such a Tragic End…Only because they were in Love?… Yes!… Only because they were in Love… and that’s enough reason for the Decadents to carry out their Odium’s… Ohh!….What Brutal People exists in this world, they even failed to realize, that Heer Ranjha Exclusively Personified to Blend and Merge into each other…Yet’ people,  the Cruel People, who don’t believe in Sacred Relations, were all Prepared to tear Heer Ranjha apart…But, that’s the way, it has always been…

aisha200bc Narrates, The Love Story of  ‘Heer Ranjha’

Ranjha was the most Pampered amongst the Five brother, he was the Youngest and very much Spoiled, a Carefree Youth who use to Play Exquisite, and Charming Tunes on his Flute. Ranjha’s four elder brothers were Merchants, in the Fertile Lands of Punjab, where the Five (5) Rivers meet, the River Sutlaj, Ravi, Chenab, Jehlum and Bias. The name of this Province describes Beautifully the meeting of the Five Rivers . ‘Punjh’ means Five, (5) and ‘Ab’ means ‘Water’. Even the rivers met and never departed from where Ranjha belonged. One day out of the blues Ranjha picked up a Quarrel, and  over nothing with his brothers, their Arguments Heated, and he left his home, Angry Ranjha, took nothing with him except his Flute, and travelled to a Village, that was quiet far from his own. That Village was Beautiful and Lush Green, even the Winds of that Land were Fecundating, every Seed that Dropped on the Soil of the Land Grew and Flourished and Nature was Kind too,  it sent  Heavy Rains from the Heaven’s in Abundance. Everything Flourished and Prospered on that land…. So Why not Heer Ranjh’a Love?…  Ranjha was realy tired as he Traveled on Foot such a long distance. Then suddenly his Eyes fell over a Tree, a Fabulous Tree loaded with Dark Red, and Bright Yellow Flowers, when Ranjha looked at the Tree he felt as if Fire has Engulfed the  Tree, Ranjha melted with Deep Sentiments and Walked Heedlessly towards the Tree. He sat under the Shade’s of Red and Yellow Flowers. He sat Reclining his back on the Trunk of the tree. After a while, Ranjha felt relaxed, and started Playing one of his Favorite Tunes on his Flute, with his Eyes Closed.

A little far away from the tree there was a Well,  where Heer came often with her Clay Pitcher to fill water. Heer was the Daughter of a Wealthy Farmer of that Village. That day when she came to fill her Clay Pitcher with water, she heard the Sound of the Splendid Melody played on Flute, Heer looked in Amazement here and there, and then, All of a Sudden she turned her Vision towards the Tree where Ranjha was sitting on the ground with his Eyes closed,  Playing the Lute. Heer couldn’t resist and Swayed towards Ranjha… “Who are you?.. You play beautiful Flute”, Heer asked in a low tone, as soon as Ranjha heard the voice he  opened his eyes as he heard the Loveliest Melody in Heer’s Voice, it was so Soothing to his Soul. The Melody of Heer’s Voice, and Enchanting Tunes of Ranjha’s Flue, still Jingles in the Green Coppices of Punjab. When Ranjha looked at Heer he was Spell Bound, couldn’t say anything, Mesmerized by her Beauty. And then, as soon as their Eyes Met, they Fell in Fathomless Love, not a word they had to say to each other. Love Needs No Words it can be well Textured in the Soul’s. Heer Ranjha started meeting every day for a Short While Secretively and Ranjha Paved his Blazing Emotions into Heer’s Heart by Playing Compelling Tunes on his Flute.

Heer had an Uncle called ‘Kedo’, but he was a not a Virtuous but a Covetous man, and soon Discovered the Secret Love between Heer Ranjha. Kedo was Burning and flaring  inside with Contempt and Vengeance, he was determined to make Hazards in their way, he could not bear to see Heer Ranjha together… What a Rascal he was!. Heer’s Uncle Kedo influenced her Father to get her Married to the Wealthiest man in the Whole Village, and the Father agreed. When Heer heard the news she felt a Sharp Stab in her chest, but poor Heer couldn’t even raise her voice, in front of her father, and went Silent with Sorrow. Ranjha Wept Blood day, and night, but was unable to say anything either, as he was Alone and Penniless. The date of Heer’s Marriage got fixed, but only a day before the marriage the Wealthy Man found the secret of Heer Ranjha’s love, and what a luck, he was a Generous and a Wise man. The Wealthy man announced immediately to Dissolve the Marriage with Heer and permitted her whole heartedly to Marry Ranjha. When Heer’s uncle Kedo heard the news, the Iniquitous planned another Vicious and a Conniving plot. He came to meet and Congratulate Heer on her Wedding Night, just before Ranjha came and offered Heer to eat a Piece of Sweet from the Silver Tray that he brought for her as a Good Gesture for her Wedding. Poor Heer was Innocent she forgot the Evilness of her uncle and picked a Piece of Sweet and when her uncle left she took a bite, Deadly Poison was in the sweet piece and Heer Died on the spot. When Ranjha walked in the room to meet her Bride, she was Gone. Ranjha was consumed with such Grief that he ate the remaining piece of the sweet that was lying next to Heer, and from there took a Flight with her Bride Forever…… And, that’s the way, it has always been……..


Perks of the Mughals

Perks of the Mughal’s

In the Harem’s of the Mughal Emperor’s in India, the Ladies of Royal Blood changed their Apparels Several Times in a day, and after wearing the Expensive Costume’s once, they were not Repeated and Discarded. Then those Discarded Exclusive and Costly Costumes were either given to the Slave Girls or were sent to the Concubines.
The Great King Akbar, son of Emperor Humayun often used Personified Dancing Girls, as the Chess Pieces and an Entire Garden was selected for the purpose of a Chessboard. The Emperor Akbar would seat on a high Marble Tower calling each move from his Throne, The Beautiful and Lovely Young Girls, Attired Fabulously would Whirl and Move from Square to Square. This Deluxe and Luxurious Ritual became so Popular, that even after Two Centuries some Visitors from Madras, India, witnessed the same Remarkable Sight in the Courts of The Maharajahs also. A 25 Feet tall Mounted Wheeled Platform, on which a Proper Real Garden was developed for the sole purpose of a Chessboard, had to be pulled by a Team of 50 Men of labor
One of the most Prominent Mughal Emperor Jahangir, who was also the Largest Collector of Precious Stone’s in the World. Emperor Jahangir consumed more than Sixteen (16) Glasses of Wine each day, from morning till night. The Surplus of Wine Consumption damaged his Liver Intensely. The Royal Physician’s although alarmed Emperor Jahangir against the Perils concerning his Heath in relation to his Excess in Wine Consumption, but the Emperor did not Pay Much Attention to the Advice of the Royal Physician’s . As a result, later in his life Emperor Jahangir fell extremely ill, suffering from the Malfunction of Liver, and thus the Emperor was unable to Digest the Food. The Emperor’s Consumption of Wine almost came to an end however, since Emperor Jahangir’s Biological Digestive System was Addicted to Wine Consumption therefore, his Royal Physician’s Suggested and Permitted him to consume, but, a Single Glass of Wine, with his Restricted Once a Day Meal, for the reason that it will help him to Digest the Food.
The Grand Mughal Emperor Alamgir was the son of the Great Emperor Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal in honor for his Most Beloved Wife, Mumtaz Mahal Begum. The Emperor Alamgir spent Approximately Seven Million of Rupees worth today only in a Single Day on his Coronation Ceremony. Emperor Alamgir used to be served with around more than Seven Hundred &Fifty (750), types of Assorted Delicacies’ and Dishes from his Royal Menu.

History is Only To Be Written, and Not to be Repeated, but Those who Repeat it, are Condemned to Regret it.


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