Abu Rayhan Al-Biruni

Abu Rayhan Al- Biruni
( A Scholar Who Extracted Salt from the Sea’s)

Abu Rayhan Al- Biruni was a Muslim Scholar who’s most significant among his other inventions is the Method to Extract Salt from the Seas.
Al- Biruni in the history of innovative sciences is acknowledged as an asset, he is listed as one of the most famous Scholar who invented the Method to Extract Salt from the Seas. He was a versatile researcher, and his great works in Mathematics, Astrology, and Geography are highly noteworthy, Al Biruni was exceedingly famed as a Historian also, and his immense interpretations of Religion Islam are considered to be among his great achievements in the middle ages. He was born in the Suburbs of Kat, Khwarizm (now a segment of Uzbekistan) on Sept 4, 973, A.D. Al Biruni initiated his basic education from Khwarizm, and later acquired a fine reputation as a super scholar. He was honorably assigned as the Chief Historian at the Court of Mahmud of Ghazni, and later served for the Heir Apparent Masud Al Ghazni. Among most of his critical contributions his invention for the measurements of the ‘Radius’ is certainly Nobel, this method is well known as ‘Biruni Method’. Al- Biruni further discussed comprehensively regarding the ‘Rotation of the Earth’ on its ‘Axis’, with accurately measured Latitudes, and Longitudes. The details of his Thesis are further elaborated in his famous compilation’s which are a source of great knowledge for further developments in the field of Cosmology and also his deep observation concerning the movement of Planet Earth on its Axis;.
He worked enormously on the Tables of ‘Sine &Tangent’ and thus invented an innovative method to Measure ‘Generic Weight’ for ‘Nine Metals’. He traveled extensively for the quest of knowledge to different parts of the world. Abu Rayhan Al- Biruni’s immaculate understanding of Intricate Features for looking into ‘Cosmology’ are doubtlessly impressive, and exceedingly of the essence. He also discovered the Nature of ‘Liquid Pressures’ with an excellent strategy to ‘Extract’ the Salt from the ‘Sea’s’ which was later applied successfully by other men of knowledge.

Al Biruni’s most famous works include his imperative compilation under the caption of ‘Qanun- Al- Masudi’ which is structured upon his ‘Astronomical Observations’. Al Biruni’s works are extensive and can be well considered as a whole ‘Astronomical Encyclopedia’. Another Compendium of concise but significant and penetrating information about the ‘Intellectual’ and ‘Socio-Economic Conditions’ in the Sub- Continent which is a compilation called ‘Tahqiq Al Hind’ is a source of vast knowledge which contains deep penetrating inclusive data. His numerous works and studies in the fields of Geography, History, Astronomy, Mathematics and, Pharmacy add to his credits.moreover, Al Biruni was a scholar with an immaculate sense of looking into complex matters ,he devoted more than forty long years of his intellectual life, while contributing precious and valuable data in wide-ranging fields of ‘Science and Arts’ for the coming generations and finally died at the age of 75 in the year 1048 AD.



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