Mirza Ghalib Hypnotizes

Below is the first Couplet from Mirza Ghalib’s Dewan.

“Naqsh Farya’dee hai kis kee Shokhee-ae- Tahreer ka
Kagh’zee hai Pai’rahan har Pai’ka’rae Tasweer ka”
(Mirza Ghalib)

Regarding the above mentioned couplet by Mirza Ghalib, from what I understand is that in the first line the poet extends a question in Despair to the Divine, after observing the most tragic picture of life. The poet seems to be touched by the Tragedies and Mysteries of human existence. Mirza Ghalib’s peculiar subtlety and styles over all are highly acknowledged, The first line of the above mentioned couplet seemingly is a question that depicts sarcasm in the poet’s voice regarding the creation of the Universe. The second line can be considered as a concluded statement where the poet decides each existence loaded with acute agonies and yet is fatal . It is also to be noticed, that in earlier times, people who were convicted and were sentenced to Death, were made to wear clothes made of Paper, “Kaghzee hai Pai’rahan” (Apparel of Paper). Ghalib was a poet of Tremendous Caliber and since he used mostly Persian words in this Particular Couplet and Grammatically Persian is highly a rich language, therefore, some Specific Words or Phrase’s contain vast and deep meanings, and also the Skills of Expressions therefor to comprehend the meanings might not be more Difficult respectively, than to Translate the exact or accurate meanings. I have observed quiet often that some of the works of Ghalib like many more other famous poets have been highly Mis-Interpreted, this is totally my Personal Assumption, However, I find the works of Mirza Ghalib good enough for Hypnotizing Purposes.



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