Abdul Qasim Khaleef, Ibn, al-Zahrawi (Father of Modern Surgery)

Father of Modern Surgery

Abdul Qasim Khaleef – Ibn, al-Zahrawi, known in Europe as Albu-Casis, he was among those Muslim Scientists, who gave new dimensions in Therapeutic Sciences. Abdul Qasim was born in the city of El-Zahra, some six miles northwest of Cordoba, Andalusia. He was a descendant from a famous Arab Tribe, known as the ‘Ansar’, settled in earlier Spain. He lived most of his life in Córdoba. Ibn al-Zahrawi is acknowledged as one of the greatest Medieval Pioneers of Surgical Procedures, who emerged from the Islamic World. In the modern world he is acknowledged as the ‘Father of Modern Surgery’. Albu-Casis, laid the foundations of Modern Surgery, and spent his absolute life working as a ‘Practicing Physician’ and Pharmacist-Surgeon. His Nobel hand outs in the segments of Theology, and Organic Sciences are enormous too. He was specifically selected,  and appointed to serve as the ‘Court Physician’ for the ‘Spanish Caliph, Al-Hakam the 2nd’. Al Zahrawi was widely known and respected as the best Physician-Surgeon of all times; he was the first to involve Surgical Removal of a broken Patella (kneecap), and devised new Obstetrical Forceps. He also gave Original and Accurate  descriptions for Manufacturing and Utilizing strategies via Probes, Surgical Knives, Scalpel’s,  and Hook’s of different Shapes and Designs. Ibn al-Zahrawi recommended, and suggested several types of Threads and Catguts as Sutures.

After contributing Fifty (50) immense Precious Years of committed excellence in the fields of ‘Medicine & Surgical Innovations’, he established a name Everlasting. Khaleef Ibn al-Zahrawi compiled his Hypothesis under the caption of “Tasrif Li-Man Aijaza-Anal Talif”; this work was finally completed in 1000, AD, and later was translated and published in many different languages, which included  Specifically ‘European Languages’, for further enhancement and developments in, ‘Modern Western, Surgical Methods’. His comprehensive medical researches  shaped both Islamic and European Surgical Procedure’s until the Renaissance. Abū al-Qāsim focused on ‘Curative Ailments’ by ‘Cauterization’, he invented numerous ‘Surgical Instruments’, and ‘Tools’ for the usage of ‘Surgical Treatments‘. Abdul Qasim Khaleef made Vital Analysis for the inspection of the interiors of the Urethra, the implication and Removal of Foreign Bodie’s from the Throat Section, Ears, and Nose. Al Qasim was chiefly accredited to be the Pioneer, who explained in  detail  a Fatal Affliction, called the Ectopic Pregnancy, in the year 963 A.D.

Another Massive contribution by Abdul Qasim Khaleef to the World of Sciences was his profound works, known as the ‘Kitab – al-Tasrif’, It is a ‘Medical Encyclopedia’ broadly structured in over ’30 Volumes’ which includes sections on Surgery, Medicine, Pharmacology,Basic Health, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics and Nutrition. This  imperitive compilation by Abdul Qasim Khaleef Ibn al-Zahrawi is suggested to be the first, and the foremost Rational and Practical information. In addition, this work was much Enhanced, and Elaborated with Illustrations of the treatments for Ease of Comprehension of the subjects under observation. This Illustrious Comprehensive works by, Ibn al-Zahrawi is an immense source of knowledge that remained Mainly Popular, and most advantageous among the students of Surgery in Europe, till the 19th Century. The Vital contributions and investigations on delicate features of Surgical Arts by Al-Zahrawi reflect his Dominating Intellect to serve humanity for ages to come. However, the details of his Personal Life could not be recorded authentically, besides his published works, for the reason of Great destruction’s of El-Zahra, in the later Castilian-Andalusian discrepancies. Nevertheless, he is most apparent and dominating in the wide inscriptions of Abu Muhammad bin Hazm (993 – 1064).  He was also enlisted as the Greatest Physicians, of Moorish Spain, by Muhammad bin Hazm. After presenting the world with Golden Awareness’s and Precious Knowledge, Abdul Qasim Khaleef, Ibn al-Zahrawi, concluded his Departure, at the age of Seventy Seven (77), in the year 1013 AD.



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