Muhammad bin Musa al-Khwarizmi (Mathematician of Vital Caliber)

A Mathematician of Vital Caliber

Muhammad bin Musa al-Khwarizmi, was born in 780 A.D, in a Persian Family and his Birth Place is supposedly as  Chorasmia, however, quiet brief,  but significant particulars of Al-Khwarizmi’s Personal Life are known with assurance. Musa al-Khwarizmi, was a Versatile Genius, he made exceptional Seminal Contributions in the fields of Mathematics, Astronomy, Geography and History. His Compendious Book on ‘Calculation by Completion and Balancing’ gives an explicit explanation of the Fundamental Systematic Solutions of Linear and Quadratic Equations. Bin Musa, travelled to Baghdad and made his marks through his Great Achievements there also, he was measured to be one of the most Prominent, and Outstandingly Acknowledged as a Scientist, and a Scholar. Later on, he became the person in charge of Baytal- Hikma (The House of Wisdom) that was established by the Caliph Al -Mammon.

Bin Musa concluded In-eradicable and extremely Significant Inscriptions in Mathematical History of the World. Some sources reflects  the Magnitude of Al-Khwarizmi’s contributions in Mathematics as Chief Tributes. Multiple Controversies were attached to the Origin of his Name that are  linked with the word ‘Algebra’ in one form of language or the other. The word Algebra is also closely related to his controversial name Al-Jabr, one of the two operations that he used to solve Quadratic Equations. Algorism and Algorithm stems from Algorithmi, however, his genius cannot be denied for his contributions were Magnum in Basic Elementary Methods that he invented in varied Fields of Sciences. In Renaissance Europe he was considered as  the Original Inventor of Algebra. Al- Khwarizmi, was the Founder of Analytical Algebra also, he was the first Muslim Scientist and a  Mathematician who worked on Intricate Features of this Precious  Knowledge.

His famous Treatise ‘Hisab-al-Jabar, Wa-al-Mugablah’ brought forth extremely precious information to the New Sciences. It was Musa al-Khwarizmi who invented the term Logarithm in relation to numbers; he significantly classified Numeric’s into Three (3) Different Types, and their Operations into Six (6).  This most important system that he originated was later adopted in Europe at the end of the 16th Century. Bin Musa’s Astronomical Zij (Table), and Trigonometric Tables, with ‘ Sine and Tangents’ that became the Principles for further studies and researches by his Successors. Initially the works of his Genius were compiled, and then translated into Latin, and English Language’s. In the Twelfth (12th) century, Latin Translations of his work on the Numerals, established the Decimal Positional Number System to the Western World. in the mean while he also exercised Authoritative Influence on the Developments of the Medieval Trends and Inclinations. Muhammad bin Musa al-Khwarizmi, contributed enormously,  Magnificent and Exceedingly Valuable and Functional Theories, and Stratagems. Musa al-Khwarizmi, a Mathematician of Vital Caliber finally departed in the year 850, AD, Leaving behind Achievements Beyond Description.



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