Hamdard Foundation (WAQF Pakistan)

The Year was 1906,  and the Event Aristocratic

Hakeem Muhammad Saeed was a Renowned Scholar, and Philanthropist of ‘Pakistan’ born on the 9th of January in the year 1920, he retained the post of ‘Governor of Sindh, Pakistan’. However, the Perception of the preliminary idea to ascertain an institute based entirely on humanitarian grounds was a magnificent proceeding and the Brain Child of Hakeem Abdul Majeed, father of Hakeem Muhammad Saeed. The ardent desire of Hakeem Muhammad Majeed was to carve a way that will serve humanity, since his Philanthropic Aspirations were Genuine, and he remained most keen and enthusiastic about his Majestic  Attempts he therefore, in 1906, along with his elder son Hakeem Abdul Hameed, who supported his father’s ambition with equal fervor placed the rudiments of Hamdard Dawakhana. This Aristocratic Event is recorded in the history as one the most Significant Events of the 20th Century. The basic structure of Hamdard Foundation (WAQF Pakistan) was intent upon enhancing the Herbal Harmonization System. Subsequently the venture started to flourish slowly but surely. Hakeem Abdul Majeed was exceptionally delighted to start a voyage for which he anticipated a Glorious Path that will lead to Enlighten Generations ahead.

After the Categorization of Indopak, Hakeem Abdul Saeed the youngest son of Hakeem Abdul Majeed, gained access on behalf of his father, and elder brother and took over the succession of the Nobel venture Hamdard Foundation (WAQF Pakistan) most merrily. He then established a concrete structure of Hamdard Foundation (WAQF Pakistan) in the newly liberated Pakistan in1948. The most honorable Mr. Muhammad Hakeem Saeed during his whole life was extremely honored , for his ‘Grand’ and ‘Respectful’ personality along with the Nobel cause. He left with beautiful memories and will always be Cherished and Treasured in the hearts of the citizens of Pakistan. Hakeem Muhammad Saeed, devoted his entire life for developing, and expanding the organization. The era, in which the foundations of Hamdard Dawakhana were placed, the masses were deeply influenced or rather much inclined towards the ‘Allopathic Medicinal System’ of treatment, for the cure of different ailments Nevertheless, this trend and inclinations of the majorities were unable to agitate or discourage the indomitable endurance of Hakeem Muhammad Saeed. He was determined on the precept, that the cure and treatment through ‘Herbal Harmonization’ was much effectual, in comparison to the Allopathic Medicinal Treatment. Hakeem Saeed was unfaltering observant towards his dignified and noble intents, moreover, In spite of the then prevailing trends and the rapid movements colliding with his ideas, were toothless to sway the intensity, and vehemence of the magnanimous grounds towards which he was categorically alert.

Janab Hakeem Muhammad Saeed, was all focused and remained involved perpetually in modernizing Hamdard Foundation (WAQF Pakistan) into a massive organization, where the sum propose was to endow and render all of its services to serve humanity. He treated millions of patients from all over the world, till the time of his death in October 1998. In the year 1983, Muhammad Saeed established another massive concrete structure, under the title of ‘Madina –tul –Hikmat’ (City of Wisdom), which is now one of the most regarded and Globally Acknowledged University. He extended innovative dimension to Alternative Medicines recognized by the ‘World Health Organization’ (WHO). In recognition of his meritorious services, scholarly approach and grand achievements he was awarded ‘Nishan-e-Imtiaz’ by the Government of Pakistan in the year 2002.The multiple products manufactured by Hamdard Foundation (WAQF Pakistan) are exported globally, and are well recognized as a household item in the Sub Continent. Hakeem Muhammad Saeed was also a Versatile and a Resourceful Writer also, his works are extensive on different subjects amongst which the Herbal Research, and his works on Theology are most significant. He was a writer both in English and Urdu languages, he also worked on editing many researched  journals on Medicines and History of Islam. Hakeem Mohammad Saeed was a Patriot of highest degree. He was blessed by a Daughter, who is equally talented and highly educated, she remains mostly engrossed in sustaining and further developing the achievements of his late honorable father, and grandfather. Currently she is all engrossed and remains Indulgent in the Vital affairs of the Most Famous University— ‘Madina-tul-Hikmat’.  Hakim Saeed met his death most tragically, he was assassinated while present at the main Hamdard Foundation,(WAQF Pakistan) building in Karachi, on 17th October in the year 1998. The most Honorable, Hakeem Muhammad Saeed Dedicated long before his death, Hamdard Dawakhana ( WAQF Pakistan) for his Country.  

‘The Aristocrat Left Aristocratically’



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