The Zenith & Nadir of Muslim Empire

The Zenith and Nadir of Muslim Empire is certainly a Tragic End, however it Certainly Indicates the discrepancies in their Ruling System at one point or the other.

At the time when Major parts of the World were passing through the Dark Ages, the Emergence of Islam came upon as a Hurricane Lantern, a Glad Tiding for the Whole World, Glorifying and Enhancing extensive fields of Knowledge and Innovations in almost all the fields of Human Civilization. The influence of Islamic Teachings charged the Spirits of the Muslim Scholars with new methods in Research and Erudition. The strength of human knowledge, took a sharp turn towards innovations and civilization. The Muslim Scientists and Scholars brought to the world un- measurable positive dimensions, for the Development and Prosperity for Human Society. The Golden age of Muslim Empire prevailed from the Seventh till Thirteenth Century, the Muslim Scholars not only revised the knowledge in the fields of Medicine, Mathematics, Astronomy and Philosophy, but also the much forgotten sciences, they made innovative researches and discoveries in every branch of knowledge. Muslim Scientists, and Philosophers contributed heavily for the European Renaissance therefore, gratitude of the Modern World is also much due to their collective efforts. The early Muslim Scientist enhanced the Concept, and Significance of Zero in the Arena of Mathematics which was a Seminal Feature. They were most active in the fields of Medicine, the involvements of the Muslim Geniuses were certainly commendable, as the diagnosis of fatal diseases like Tuberculosis, Smallpox, and many other lethal ones along with the Remedies are the intrinsic worth of the Muslims Scholars. Moreover, the developments of Surgical Instruments, and the critical observation in the field of Cosmology, Architecture, Literature and Poetry, Art and Music are the basic themes by them. The Muslims at large provided new dimensions to the Cultural Pattern of the world which previously stood on unsubstantial Paradigms. However, following the massive devastation of civilization wrought by the Mongols invasion in the thirteenth century, the growth of Muslim rational traditions and massive achievements came to an abrupt and tragic halt. The impact of the sudden debacle at the end of the thirteenth century was brutal enough for the coming Muslim generations to be ignorant concerning the great Intellectual and Cultural Heritage, and enormous achievements by their forefathers.



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