A Universal Appeal Dear Senator

Dear Senator
The Keys of the Heavens are in your hands let us Enter, We all are putting our Trust in you. For Millions you are the Harbinger of Glad Tidings, Dear Senator, and your Decisions and Verdicts are not Simply Important, they are VITAL to us Dear Senator, and as Vital as the Sunshine, as the Ocean’s of the World, and not less than the Great Mountains. Think Dear Senator, Think about those Mothers who just gave Birth to the Future. Who knows He or She might be another ‘Einstein’ or ‘Mother Teresa’. We all are the Citizens of this World Dear Senator, we place our Cordial Hopes with you, and therefore we bring this Appeal as a ‘Universal Appeal’ that, Please Do not CUT the International Budget, Yes! You can do it Dear Senator. You can help the Newborn and their Mothers to remain Healthy with Vigor. It’s an act Divine and a Cause Supreme. We all are desperate to see Innocent Smiles, and Bubbling Laughter. Listen to us, as we Pray that the Heaven’s may Shower in Abundance of its Finest Blessings on you, Dear Senator.



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