Muhammad Ibn Jarir Al- Tabari Glance over Lost Historian

Muhammad Ibn Jarir Al- Tabari
(A Glance over Lost Historian)

Muhammad Ibn Jarir Al- Tabari was a significant Muslim scholar and one of the earliest, and most renowned Persian historian, he was also famed for his comprehensive explanations of the Al-Quran. Tabari was legendarily acknowledged as an author of enormous Compendiums of Quranic and early Islamic Histories. He was born in Amol in the province of Tabiristan some twenty(20) kilometers South of the Caspian Sea (now in Iran). He came from a Persian family,Tabari was an extremely Gifted Person with an exceptional memory, he finished his religious studies and learnt Al-Quran by heart only at the age of 7.

A little later after he accomplished his considerable studies in religious sciences at Amol, Iran; he continued for his progressed studies in Rayy, Baghdad probably in the year 855 AD. Baghdad was considered to be the center of education in the Golden Period of Muslim Rule in earlier times. Before establishing his personal doctrine, Al Tabari traveled extensively to listen and educate himself from different Islamic Scholars mostly from Persia, Iraq, Egypt and Syria, he remained constant in satiating his Quest for knowledge. Al Tabari was mainly focused to condense and compile the vast Treasures of Exegetical and historical records and also the immaculate efforts and developments by the earliest Muslim scholars and also other scholars from different parts of the world which met Erudition resulted by the previous generations. He was extremely keen and enthusiastic to secure and preserve the collective knowledge, as a source of assistance and advantage for the coming generations at large. Muhammad Ibn Jarir Al Tabari was highly eminent and well regarded amongst the Muslim scholars in particular ,for his comprehensive accomplishments.

He also laid the foundations for both Quranic and Historical Sciences which were indeed massive amongst his involvements, for the Muslim intellectuals. Tabari’s most significant and noteworthy works were the compilation of Islamic History and the teachings of the last Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH). This particular work by Muhammad Ibn Jarir was compiled later and then published in 915 AD, under the title of ‘Tarrikh Al- Rasul Wa Al- Muluk’ (History of the Prophets and Kings). However the entire efforts by Muhammad Tabari were not released, only this well known Leyden edition that provided an abbreviated text was recorded, however even this work that filled more than 12 volumes is said to have been ten times as long, Moreover, even these synopsis by Al- Tabari are not considered to be complete, and therefore later on it was supplemented in various passages by the successive writers, who consulted Al- Tabari’s collective works . His other original works were either destroyed or somehow lost,only few fragments and minor treatises were left that are currently attainable. Tabari’s Candor, and Outspokenness caused him considerable confrontation, as he defended his own independent legal Doctrine that aroused hostility of the eminent scholars from other schools of thought.Muhammad Ibn Jarir Al- Tabari, spent the major remaining part of his life while teaching and writing in Baghdad, where he died in 923 AD.


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