Brief History of Education

Before the invention of Reading and Writing, people lived in an environment in which they struggled to survive against ‘Natural Forces’. The ‘Preliterate People’ developed for their survival various Skills and Crafts, which grew into Cultural and Educational Patterns. The earliest educational processes involved sharing different information regarding the Basic Requirement’s for the endurance of human existence. Amongst the essentials Food, Shelter and Clothing were most significant, nevertheless, human survival is also most dependent on Social Interaction’s and therefore, with the passage of time communities began to realize the significance of Reading and Writing as a Vital Resource. Consequently, they learned various Method’s and Technique’s of communication via creating varieties of Symbols, various types of Expression’s, & Signature’s, to express their Needs and Desires. When these Cryptograms and Pictograph’s developed, human’s created a proper method of ‘Written Language’ and from there initiated various techniques and strategies towards Literacy. This basic development served highly to preserve different ‘Successive Cultural Heritage’.. The inventions regarding the fundamentals and elementary procedures for different Written Styles of Language’s, was the ‘Primary’ and the ‘Foremost’ Gigantic Leap by Human’s, towards the Route of Communication and Education.



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