Muhammad Bin Qasim, the Youngest Hero

(695, AD- 715, AD)
Muhammad bin Qasim, the youngest among the Greatest Muslim Conquerors, the only Muslim Hero who Commanded a brigade at the age of only 17 years, Mohammad bin Qasim was Hero of Muslim Empire. The Youngest General was born in the year 695, A.D, as a child orphan he was nurtured graciously by his mother, and his religious and worldly education were also delivered and enhanced by specific means through his mother. Under the great Leadership of Muhammad bin Qasim, areas like Uch, Multan and Daibul, were captured. History highlights the Extra Ordinary Military Skills of Bin Qasim as the youngest among Conquers, and also the Top most among Islamic Hero’s. In relation he was the cousin of Walid1, and Son- in- Law of Al- Hajjaj Ibn-e-Yousuf. Muhammad Bin Qasim, at a tender age of only 17 years laid the foundations of Muslim Empire in the regions of the Sub Continent, in 712 A.D. During the early years from the 8th century A.D, a Brahmin, strong>Tyrant & an Oppressor, named Raja Dahir, well known in the History , executed orders and sent forth his men to intercept some Arab Navigation, which was heading from, India, The men sent by The Tyrant Raja Dahir then Brutally Seized, and Confiscated the Merchandises of the Respected Arab Families. Moreover, they also Captured and Enslaved them, in the year 711 A.D.

During the reign period of the Caliphates,.the Caliph Walid1, Hajjaj Ibn-e- Yousuf, the then Governor of Iraq, and also Father- in- law of Bin Qasim, carried out Commands for an Immediate Expedition against Raja Dahir, under the Impeccable Leadership of Muhammad bin Qasim, who with his Magnificently Enriched Armed Forces, and with an Excellent Stratagem finally Defeated. the Tyrant, Raja Dahir’s entire Army.

Later on, Bin Qasim was invited and welcomed by the Buddhist Monks, and the people of the Sindh,Muhammad bin Qasim was Hero of exceptional qualities who had great Respect for other Religions, this one superb attribute of his Magnum Personality made him Extremely Popular and Cherished not only by Muslims but others as well. He possessed qualities of a True Muslim, who’s observe his Obligations in a perfect manner. The Buddhist Monks were the Senior and Most Respected inhabitants of Asia, Sub Continent who were also Proud of , Muhammad bin Qasim and he was attended most Fervently by the Buddhist Monks, along with the natives of Sindh. . Bin Qasim continued his advances northwards, and from there most Triumphantly, reached the magnificent grounds of the Himalayas. However, the Young Conqueror & Hero of all times was ultimately Trapped and Besieged by the Conspiracies and Mutinies of the Rebellions’ among his own people. In the due course, he finally lost his life, only at the age of 20, for the core reason of Court Intrigues, in 715 AD.A Hero of Remarkable Significance, Muhammad bin Qasim, who;s name is written in History with Golden Words.



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