A Brief Review on Gemstones

A Gemstone, or ‘Gem’ also known as Precious or Semi-Precious Stone’s, or Jewel, is a piece of ‘Attractive Minerals’, which after the process of fine Cutting and Polishing are used in Making Jewelry, The Gemstones are also used on a huge scale while manufacturing diverse form of Adornments, since Antiquity. Gemologists are Qualified Professional’s who describe Gems, and their Respective Characteristics using details, technique’s and specifications in the field of Gemology. The Gemologists identifies the Gemstones basic characteristics, and attributes by its varying Chemical Ccompositions, as an example, Diamonds are made of Carbon, and Rubies of Aluminum Oxide. Among other varieties of Gemstones, numerous are a form of Crystals, and Crystal’s Develop by Reproducing Themselves, they come nearest to being ‘Alive’ of all the other Minerals Kingdom. The most refine and exquisite of Diamonds are colored Blue-White. The Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald are not Specific Minerals. A Ruby comes in different Shades of Red, Sapphire in Blue and Emerald in Subtle Shades of Green, which are Classified by their Crystal Categorization. Most Gemstones are hard, but some Soft Minerals are also used in Jewelry Making for the Rationale of their Characteristics that is Exquisite Shine, Brilliance and Luster, and many other physical properties that have Aesthetic Significance. Rarity and Craftsmen’s Ship are added attributes that Append and Accentuate extra value to the Gemstones.

However, many Organic Materials like ‘Lapis Lazuli’, ‘Amber’ and ‘Jet’ are also Extremely Popular and are used for many different requirements other than jewelry making. However, they fall into the category of Semi- Precious Stones .These stones and many other similar to these have been used since earlier times, for other Beneficial Purposes besides being used for only Crafting Jewelry. The advantages other than their apparent exquisiteness and beauty are the High Durability and Elasticity therefore, they are most appropriate and suitable while making Floors, Swimming Pools, Walls, and Arch’s and Pillars and are also most Practical in many other areas of production. These types of Semi Precious Stones are also exceptionally popular while Crafting Decoration Pieces such as, Vases, Bowls,Pots and Glasses, Serving Trays, Wall Hangings and other Handicrafts. The usage is equally wide in the manufacturing of Furniture, as they Blend marvelously with Wood and different Base and Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum andCopper The Traditional Classification and distinction between Precious and Semi-Precious Stones in diverse Cultures have their own significance. In different certain Cultures some Specific Gemstones are highly speculated, and play an essential role for there Mystic and Spiritual Values. From ancient times Gemstones have been widely associated as a Symbol of one’s Fortune and Misfortune. Few Particular Gemstones are considered Sacred and posses a considerable Religious Connotations and Specifications. However, in the Modern-Day consideration, and practice the Top Ranking is associated only as Precious Stones with Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. The other most stunning stones and minerals are categorized into the Semi-Precious Stones.Yet, this division of extra worth and value is however Unscientific, and Reflects only on the Rarity of these particular Gemstones and its Craftsman’s Excellence.

” On Arms and Neck, You make of Your Dreams,
Statues of Jewels… Palaces of Gems ”
( Victor Hugo )



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