Make your own Land of Milk & Honey

Make Your Own Land of Milk and Honey

Amidst the Haste, and Chao’s of life, try to go Placidly without Surrendering or being Discouraged, in spite of all your Previous Mistake’s and Failure’s. Never give up, but Carry on with Life by Struggling and Striving to bring forth better and Peaceful Days. However, to achieve all this your Positive Attitude, and Will Power must be Unwavering. Do not make your Spirits Low by assuming that you won’t be able to make it, Keep Focus towards your Goal’s, and look ahead learning from your Slip Up’s and Blunders.To Commit a Mistake is not a Mistake, but to Repeat a Mistake is a Mistake.The World is Packed, rather Overflowing with Vicious, Undesirable,  and Evil People, so do not let them Achieve their Target instead, try to be much Stronger, Determined, and Adamant towards your Future Assignments. Keep Endeavoring to bring out the Strength from within your Own Self  although, at times people do not Comprehend or are less acquainted of the Supremacy and Vigor they posses. Keep your Faith Strong and Sturdy as your Creator after Conferring Extreme Power’s of Intellect  sent you in this World, but with a Purpose behind which you must seek and determine in order to justify your Existence.

Exercise your Intelligence and Skills as your Weapon’s in Harsh Conditions. Speak your Truth clearly without  Fear’s of being Rejected, never Pity Yourself as there is always a Better and a Worse Case  Exists. rest assure if a Wound has Touched you a Similar kind of Wound has Touched the Others. Be Grateful & Try to Treasure and Cherish the Merry Moments of your Life. in the End All are Accountable to their Creator, therefore maintain your Dignity, Self Respect and your Right Conduct among your Top Priorities.  Struggle Endlessly and make the most of your Effort’s to Achieve Peace of Mind, as it is the Most Precious and Worthy of all your Achievements. Harmonize your Relationships and Respect Human Feelings. Try to be  Gentle and True to Your Own Self …Avoid Troublesome Scenario’s and keep Distance with people who are Loud and Irrational, they will cause you Nothing but Pain and Agony, Ignore the Aggressive but Try to be Close to the Gentle One’s. Never Crush the Convictions of  Others by Cheating and Misguiding them, no Matter how Charming the Offer is. In times of Panic and Anger bring your Adult in Command. While making Decision’s Measure your Pro’s and Con’s, take Advice from the Wise, but as you Settle your Verdict’s must be from Your Side. In times of Adversity Compose Yourself, in times of Prosperity Explore Yourself, Voice for your Rights and for others too. Try to be in Good Terms with all, but Don’t Forget to make Friends with your Own Self. Keep your Principles Flexible, but Never Compromise with an Evil.

Do Something Worthwhile and Avoid Comparing,  as it’s the Comparison that Makes the Good and the Bad, don’t Worship Money but use it as a Tool, sow the Seeds of Prosperity and Wait Patiently to Enjoy its Fruit. keep a Low Profile but always your Chin High. Over Look Human Errors Graciously, Be Extra Careful and Vigilant from those who Deceived and Caused you In -Conveniences. “First Impression is the Last Impression” is no more a Valid Saying, as one cannot Judge a person in such a Short While. Beware of Nostalgia it’s one of the most Atrocious, and Toxic Mind-Set that brings forth only Poignant Memories. Be Coherent and Articulate, and Furnish your Speech with Rich, Robust Words that will help putting your message across and also be a Good Listener. Never Initiate a Quarrel for Life is Precious and Time so Limited. Smash a Fine Crystal but never any Heart….

If not all… Try to Follow few of the above and…Make Your Own Land of Milk & Honey.

“Mutual Forgiveness of Each Wise,  Such are the Gates of Paradise”


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