What Else is the Priority?

What Else is the Priority?
If you have the ability and the knack to persuade people, and make them believe strongly in something, if you have that convincing strength and can make them change their beliefs, then use is for a cause that is just. A positive approach towards every aspect of life is the only way towards salvation, and rest assures the only approach for ultimate salivations. Destructive and disparaging thoughts, perceptions and ideas in the end inevitably fade away, like the surf on the sea. The surf appears on the surface by the collision of the waves, but only as an illusion, these are signs to provoke your senses and you may find many more around you like this but only if you are willing to observe. Petty incidents points at prudence. Such signs are a signal and a surety towards logic and reality. Look into history and you may find many supposedly great people who eventually disparaged in the twilight zone, a period of decline after the time of their extreme glory, and success, they met total destruction in the most humiliating way and the world laughed, and is still laughing. Human intelligence demands harmony, a way that leads to radiating richness of life. Life is sacred, honor it, secure it, and pay your homage to it. It’s the most charming and a pleasant duty upon you as you are the most supreme and able among all species. Remaining oblivious to the fact that creation must not stipulate clarifications by the creator is a dire attitude and the repercussions agonizing most evidently, once again only if you are willing to realize. The utmost triumph for human existence is to surrender with elegance and pride to the regulations of nature as it provides security, serenity and bliss beyond measures. Property of falsehood is to perish no matter apparently is might project potency or vigor. It’s the end that matters of one’s struggle, and if the final achievement is not “Peace” then…….. What Else is the Priority?
By, aisha200bc


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