Profile of aisha200bc

Hello Every One!! Now knowing  you have landed at my Profile therefore, I need to be Furnished via Chance, so that I may Less Burden your Mind-Maze regarding some of my Traits. How should I Introduce or define Myself? –Well it’s not an Easy Commission, to discern one’s  own self but I’ll Try my Best. Originally, you shall always find me Constant in my Ways,  like a bit Cheeky, Tricky, Witty and at times Pretty. There were times when I did try to Rebel from Nature, but to no Avail, possibly couldn’t Pretend…My Innate  Sense of Fairness never encouraged me, Fortunately. I remain, occupied mostly in Productive Outlets, as for all that Energy that I Hold i must justify  Moreover, I never get Fluttered or Indignant over Trifling Issues. I move at my Own Pace, and no one Else’s. I see no Point in rushing towards Tomorrow, as beyond doubts it won’t be the way we Expected it to be, besides what’s so Wrong with Today?

For me my Destination is Important, and not the Journey–Just the way my Creator is highly Significant, than the People Around me. The Essence of the Creator is Kindness, and his Bounties Unconditional. Some who are Wise take advantage of the Opportunities, and earn Rewards…Some Don’t. Since none of us are set under any Capacity to Truncate our estimated time of Eventual Departure, therefore, we must await the Final Exodus with Ease, and Peace..An Existence Justified, a Cause Dignified, a Sense of Creativity, and Ultimate Goodness are some of my Core Contents. I find more Attraction and Dignity in the Happiness that I can Bring Forth rather than to Anticipate Paradise in my Palm.

Sometimes, my Uncomfortable Silence’s aren’t easy for other’s to Gauge, as to what I am up to, but Honestly it’s never an Intentional Splinter, but only a Segment  of my Temperament, in fact it surely depicts my Absolute Lethargy over a Dull Situation, a Subtle Hint of Nonchalance.  But on the Contrary, you may find me an Individual Absolutely Harmless,  no I’ll-Intentions i am Familiar with. However, there’s not much I won’t be able to Cajole, Wheedle, or Charmingly Persuade for those who are Immensely Dear, and Near to me. Another Feature of my Core Existence is that I experience an Acute Displeasure when I Observe people engaged in Vain, and Futile Discussions, and develops a Sudden Dislike for those who are Compulsive Liars. These are Few Effects on which neither I can, nor will i ever Compromise. We do Encounter some Moments in our life, when it’s not easy to  determine Precise Decisions, including those Times also when we come across some Individuals, whom we can never Pass Through, no matter how Hard we Try, or how Good our Intentions are, therefore, the most Excellent, and Promising Technique is to Part..and not Simply Part… but part with,  Painless Elegance.

Did any among you ever Pondered, that with the Passage of Time, our Priorities keeps Varying, Matters, Relations or Things,  that seemed Exceptionally Urgent or Indispensable only a Decade back remains no longer Significant, or Relevant at all. However, the Perils of Life with their Successive Repercussions are certainly Undeniable, but then they must be Confronted with all the Possibilities. While Scrutinizing the Format of Nature a Crucial Point is revealed, that the Human Soul is Prone to Evil. Yet, my Personal Conviction is Dense, that Human Intelligence holds such Incredible Domination to Generate Wholesome Chapters of Peculiar Happiness, and Merriment’s out of Trivial Affairs.  An Optimistic Possibility to Pen Down one own’s Destiny very much Viable. I simply Adore such beings who Attempt their Best, to Furnish their Outlook with Poise and Decorum. My Opinion concerning Myself would be like that Convoluted Query, which once Resolved seems so Unobstructed. But here I won’t Settle with that Usual Crap call Modesty, as I surely Discern that I am a Gifted, and an In-Ordinary Person remaining  among the Ordinaries. In the end I only Wonder if I would be Superfluously Auspicious, to ascertain at any stage of my life Someone, Somewhere, who would Dare & Share my Ways to make a difference and Travel Along, the Residual Fraction of Life, while Holding my Hands.

I don’t give big lectures, nor little charity, When i give, I give myself.



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