I Sell Happiness! Anyone to Buy?

I move on the sea of net from day till night, floating here and there, i see different type of people moving in different directions, when i see people who are busy doing some work i feel good. When i see people fighting i feel bad, when i see people laughing i feel happy, but when i see people sad i cry and cry and cry untill i come out with a viable solution to make them stop feeling sad for what ever reason it might be. Through the years i have observed intensively that there is no problem or a situation that cannot be solved every single person residing on this planet earth has a problem and my conviction is that with every problem there is a solution. ” When ever i talk to a Savant i am quiet sure that happiness is no longer a possibility, Yet when i talk to my Gardner i am convinced of the opposite” ( Bernard Shaw). Its the small things that make us happy the big one only amuses us. This can considered as my personal quote. I have a solution to every problem. Its only a matter of time that i need to be public which i am sure i will be and then i want people to come and visit my blog post and ask me questions and they will find me with an answer.

Ayesha Khan


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