I Sell Happiness! Anyone to Buy?

I move on the sea of net from day till night, floating here and there, i see different type of people moving in different directions, when i see people who are busy doing some work i feel good. When i see people fighting i feel bad, when i see people laughing i feel happy, but when i see people sad i cry and cry and cry untill i come out with a viable solution to make them stop feeling sad for what ever reason it might be. Through the years i have observed intensively that there is no problem or a situation that cannot be solved every single person residing on this planet earth has a problem and my conviction is that with every problem there is a solution. ” When ever i talk to a Savant i am quiet sure that happiness is no longer a possibility, Yet when i talk to my Gardner i am convinced of the opposite” ( Bernard Shaw). Its the small things that make us happy the big one only amuses us. This can considered as my personal quote. I have a solution to every problem. Its only a matter of time that i need to be public which i am sure i will be and then i want people to come and visit my blog post and ask me questions and they will find me with an answer.

Ayesha Khan


Democracy is an Obsolete System

Democracy is an Obsolete System, or a system that is not Compatible for Organizational Purposes. On Trial & Error Basis and also the history records the incidents and their repercussions in the long run to be futile. People have seen Nations and their Citizens being perplexed with the clashing ideas. Governmental Institutions requires multiple Rules and Regulations in numerous matters and affairs that are directly linked with the citizens of the nation nevertheless, the ultimate decision power must remain with the Governmental entities, with the assurance that they are well focused for the safety and well fare of their citizen on overall basis and also to keep a check that harmony must prevail on general grounds. specific regulations implemented by heads in charge where the ordinary or the minority must not plays any role neither it is a viable concept.The Citizens of any nation reserve’s the rights to agree or disagree with each others point of view, however the Governing authorities possibly cannot entertain the ideas and personal choices while making constitutions, a general concept has to be adopted which must be structured upon peoples choice but not on individual basis. The laws and their implementations have to be structured upon general and legitimate factors. if democracy means peoples choice then it must also be observed that people differ and also agree on huge scale what might seem fair and acceptable to a certain percentage of people can be totality disapproved by certain other percentage of people. On the basis of democracy the strict rules and in specific the Judicial powers cannot function properly, the issues erupting from different priority levels can challenge the discipline of the set guide lines by the senior authorizes, who are in charge of monitoring the systems and methods determined to run the nations. The basic factors of Law and Justice remain the same on Global Level. Directions determined by the Organizational Systems provides basic security to their citizens, and have to be vigilant towards the minor to major complexities, besides other features remain also under strict observation of those who are competent and are able to handle inter relation on worldwide basis, Diplomatic matters on Super Level can not be involved on mass level. The perceptions and ideas of every individual remains a variable element, and therefore if the heads of the nations cannot afford to entertain the ideas of specific group of people or different sects existing in one singular nation. The concept of Discipline clashes extremely with democratic policy structure and thus restrain the authorities to exercise their powers and legitimacies of the constitutions. The most vital issues which are strategically controlled by the Governing bodies as such both Government and non government authorities are under obligation to look into them from different point of views which is not the concern of individuals. However their Priorities are directed for the betterment on overall performance the entire nation.